June 2, 2009

The forbidden fruit

Ahhh so many of us have been faced with this at some point or the other. The minute someone tells you that you can't have something, it becomes pretty irresistible to you. Sounds immature, childish even, but it holds good for a lot of things. And while sometimes it can be a motivating force to achieve something called the 'impossible', some other times it's plain irritating. I often like to challenge my own 'will-power' so to speak by trying to forbid myself from doing things. Top amongst this list are nail-biting and unnecessary shopping.. While these I can manage if I truly want to, some other restrictions are harder to go by. Like eating something. If I tell myself that I shouldn't eat chocolate on some day, that's all that I can think about the whole day. And the funny fact that goes with the territory is that if I hadn't made that 'resolution', I probably wouldn't have had chocolate by myself in the first place. But placing it on the forbidden pedestal makes it nearly impossible to resist unless the day in itself was so busy that there was no idle time to think about it. But if the day had been busy, I wouldn't have found time to make useless resolutions in the first place and hence it's a vicious circle. And funnily this is not even one of those cases where someone else imposed a restriction on you. It was done by me on me and yet I found it hard to keep up. Sounds fickle? Just shows that the resolution wasn't important enough to keep up.
Moral of the story: Make resolutions you want to keep rather than the ones you think you should. There's a big difference.


The Muse ... said...

Well said!

Vidhya said...

u know I do the same thing :D
For me its chips..I will be like no chips today (and then thats all I can think abt)..

Jaya said...

Muse -> Thanks :D
Vidu -> Exactly what i'm talking about.

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