July 13, 2006

Did everything have to go electronic???

It was just one of those days which reminded me that life back in the late 80's was maybe a teeny-weeny bit better than it is now, in solely one respect.. and I expect you will be taken aback by what I will say here -- Lack of technology... Don't mistake me.. Its completely wonderful that the world has shrunk infinitesimally and that everything is now on the Internet blah-blah-blah.. And if u r wondering why I reached such a ridiculous conclusion, its quite simple... I was reading an ebook!! Hehehe..

I was reading 'Memoirs of a geisha' on my computer in a sitting position, using just a finger on 'Page Down' to race through the pages and yes, in 2 days at my jobplace I was done.. But what did I miss here? Curling up with an actual book! Nothing beats the feeling I get when I am propped on my stomach with a book in one hand, coffee/tea-cookies on the reach of the other and flipping pages rapidly, tuned out from the world, earning all sorts of curses from anyone trying to grab my attention without physically yanking me.. Its sooo amazing... And the pages themselves have this smell which I am addicted to.. It could be the fresh smell of glue from a new book or the faded, thumbed smell of an old one... Books are my passion and sometimes I feel I am violating them by having an ebook collection as such... You may tell me that I could have my tea/coffee with my laptop too... And yeah, but we all know the feeling isnt the same... We all know I couldnt be huddled in some corner of the couch with a laptop.. That I couldnt walk with my book or find a patch of grass and settle down there on my back, the book shielding me from the sun - well, you get the picture!

And then a few days ago, I see this device which is probably already in the market or definitely getting there, which is actually called ebook reader or something and looks like this. Get more information on this here.

I mean what is that?? Why would anyone violate a sacred book?? I am sure it has a million advantages -- storing million books in one exam-pad sized thing... And yet physically simulating the book... blah blah.. But being a TOTAL bookworm (not in the nerd sense), I cannot accept this much of an unnecessary (or so I think) advancement in technology... I am paranoid about all the books I own.. When I lend a book to someone I am very particular that I get them back in the same state and I hate people who fold the pages to mark their pages... HELLO.. Ever heard of bookmarks? I mean fold your book pages.. Not mine!

In resignation, I guess this is the future... There are already books which dont publish in a paper version at all.. And ebooks are cheaper (many many are free) and convenient, etc. Maybe I am just old-fashioned and someday I maybe able to make my bias not exist anymore... For now, its all about my paperbacks (and hardcovers sometimes!)