May 29, 2007

Max Posts!

May'07 is the leading month for my posting at MindBlogging! Its at 14 posts this month, which is almost a post every 2 days... I surpass myself. Wow :) (Ofcourse u cud attribute it to the teensy-weensy posts like this one and a coupla others!) But then, cheers to the blog!

Here Wii Is....

I had the opportunity to play with Wii last evening, thanks to my housemate. And in case you haven't heard about Wii or need more information, go here. Its Nintendo's answer to the X-Box and any other contemporaries I am not aware of. The thing that makes Wii different is what you all must already know by now.. That it reacts to you. That the 'joystick' is actually a wireless controller that signals to a sensor that you attach to your TV. And then the magic begins.

The controller is impressively responsive and sensitive and reacts to the slightest twirls on your hand. What makes it more fab is that for certain games , like boxing for example, it has an auxillary connector unit, making the whole thing funciton like a nanchuk. Its tremendous fun and I had the opportunity to play Tennis (you have hold your controller as the racquet and literally make those backhands, volleys and slices to win points), Golf (the controller becomes yr club), Baseball, Bowling and even Boxing! Was unbelievable fun and more exercise than any other video game can offer. Indeed after 20 minutes of boxing, I can barely lift my hands above my shoulders today... Excellent workout ;) (For the lazy ones like me).

The games themselves are great fun and imagination is the limit. The ones I saw were all 2D normal games, nothing elaborate. No level-after-level gaming like say Super Mario etc (yet). But there must definitely be more than what I was able to experience. I guess one might think its a tad overpriced... but with new innovations, honestly, sky's the limit. Brushing with such technology has always made me wonder, whats awaiting us? Will it be a mini-imax of sorts projecting 3-D images to your walls maybe? Wii will wait n watch. For now, welcome to the newer generation of gaming.

May 25, 2007

Pirates of the Carribean - At world's end

Major spoiler alert!

When you are in a town like Ames, its the best time to catch up on alllllll the latest flicks considering there isnt much else to do.. But that wasn't the reason I saw Pirates the night it released. The reason was the trilogy (or so I think) itself! So, me n my housemate gallavanted over to the theatres for the 8:40PM show. And lucky we went 40 minutes early coz when we entered, the theatre was almost packed to capacity. We did manage to find excellent seats though.

So, the movie begins almost where it left off... the quest to find Jack Sparrow. He's dead and put away in Davy Jone's locker. I am not going to go too much into the plot itself. But as the East India Company capture the pirates and hang them for, well, piracy, the dying ones start the pirate song. And the song when sung in distress echoes across the 9 coins of 8 belonging to the 9 pirate kings. I won't reveal anymore at this point. So, Jack as it happens has been locked away in Davy Jone's locker and so the crew that abandoned him go back to fetch him. Jack's intro itself is an unnecessarily close shot of his nose (so much so that u can see the pores on his nose - eew... Ok, We all love Johnny Depp.. but not THAT much :D ). And then comes an unbelievable sequence with stone crabs. I give whoever thought of it full marks for imagination, but it did get a li'l weirdly boring here.

After Jack is back, they have to escape the locker.. And this sequence of the movie is completely delightful. The cinematography, the visual effects and everything else was purely brilliant as they make their escape. As the movie twists and turns with each person in the crew having his/her own motive (Will - wanting to rescue his dad; Elizabeth having wanted to rescue Jack out of guilt at first and then get together with Will; Barbusa wanting the Black Pearl and its crew ofcourse; Jack wanting to retain the Black Pearl, to name a few), it takes one through a journey through the unbelievable pirate life. Davy Jones is captured by the East India company, now ruled by Capn Beckett, a ruthless 'businessman' who gets to capture Jack and Will individually and sets them free for good deals he thinks he has made. The Dutchman, the ship captained by Davy Jones with the sea creatures (which has one day in land and 10 years at sea) has to have a captain at all times. So the person who killed Davy Jone's heart in that chest would have to give his heart up and be chained with the ship forever. This forms the crux of the movie towards the second half.

As it progresses, you realize that neither Will nor Jack have as much a say or do in the movie as Elizabeth. This is her movie throughout, from being crowned the 'King' at the Pirate Shipwreck Brethren to being named Captain of the Singapore Pirate crew. But this is sort of the pattern. The Curse of the Black Pearl was through and through Jack Sparrow, and the Dead Man's Chest was a whole lot of Will. So, this one was a tribute to Elizabeth. The last sequence of the maelstrom at sea was a bit too long and dragged unceremoniously with a lot of haggling between pirates and typically dumb east india company folks, and with some melodrama such as Will and Liz getting married amidst all that fighting all the way to a climax no one really expected.

1) The plot - everything was woven in so well
2) The comic timing that Jack has
3) Return of Barbusa
4) Incredible fight sequences and fantastic cinematography
5) Last but certainly not the least - Jack's dad (!!!) from whom he's gotten his obvious dressing style! And whats most interesting is that the character is played by Keith Richards, the famous Rolling Stones guitarist from whom Depp himself claimed to have inspired many of Sparrow's characteristics!! - Excellent casting and very fitting!

1) The length of the movie
2) Unnecessary drags at many points which may have helped retain all the interest and reduce the length of the movie.

All in all, if you loved the first two movies, you are sure to like this one as well. There is no doubt about that. But as in most trilogies, I maintain that Pirates-I was the best for the sheer originality of the concept. And as we got exposed to more, our expectations rose that much more and not too many movie sequels have stood up to that. But for the length of the movie, this is a good follow-up to the two movies and has excellent contiguity to its peers and provides an unexpected closure to the series. At the same time, because they gave it a slightly loose ending, I wouldnt be surprised if a year later they came up with a Pirates IV. Definitely worth a watch.

May 24, 2007

American Idol

Warning: If you haven't seen Idol yet and you don't want to know the winner, don't read!

So, today was the finale of the American Idol. I must admit I got quite used to watching it week after week and to have closure, ofcourse I had to see the finale. The two hour finale was obviously just an advertisement gimmick because the performances were over and to announce the results would have taken all of 20 seconds. For those who didn't know but do care, the finale was between 17-year-old (they never never let you forget that) Jordin Sparks and beat-boxing wonder, Blake Lewis. After yesterday's performances, I was quite certain that talent-wise Jordin had to win. But seeing Blake's popularity carry him soo far, I wouldnt have been really surprised if he had won either. As it happened, the just audience prevailed and Jordin won!

A few observations I made - over the days, the audience had proved themselves as worthy judges of talent (even if they sort out Simon's acerbic comments to make their decisions). The most amazing result was in the round of three, when I thought Melinda was her perfectionist best and got eliminated! That was due to Blake's sheer popularity. However, the audience does seem to vote wisely going by the no of Emmy-Grammy and Oscar winners from years of preceding shows.

Well it was a season filled with hysterical performances from the audition stage right upto the final show. It was a season where Sanjaya gained undue popularity. He had a performance at the finale and he made that girl cry again (Check here if you dont know about the cry-baby). Its almost like they paid her and poured glycerin down her eyes.. I mean whats there to CRY? Gosh! Anyways, it was a fitting result. Jordin fully deserved to win and was clearly the better singer though Blake was the better performer and mass-wooer. But after all, Idol is a singing competition.

For all you TV junkies, there's a lot to look forward to - 'So you think you can dance' and 'Hell's Kitchen' are starting soon.

May 21, 2007

No. 100

Hi All,

Thank you for soliciting my blog so.. This entry is No. 100 for MindBlogging! Cheeeeeeers!!!!!! Its a milestone with many more to surpass. I wanted to make this entry special. Couldn't think of anything dramatic. So, I leave you with a poem I scribbled this morning.


As time goes by ever so fast
Makes one wonder if anything does last?
Why sometimes then does it sting..
And they say change is a good thing..

Memories shuffle in my heart
Fond thoughts surely it does bring..
Of days from which we've been torn apart
And they say change is a good thing..

Its the only constant in our life,
Putting an end to all that strife
Of lost friends and forgotten flings
Is change really a good thing?

A brand new morning every day
Vast horizons to spread our wings
And make the most in every way
Change is really a good thing

New beginnings like fresh breeze
Fill life's kaleidoscopes with fond memories
Makes my heart want to sing
Change is really a good thing.

Love before first sight?

Disclaimer: The views in this blog are solely my own.. Its not meant to hurt or disrespect anyone's sentiments. Also, I am not giving any form of "how-to-find-love-online-advice". So don't ask me for any. Just kick-back, relax and read forward..

I have been meaning to write this post for quite sometime now.. To start with.. how many of you believe in love-at-first-sight? I am sorry to disappoint you.. but I am not one of those die-hard romantics who does. In fact I am cynical about the whole thing because I believe that at first sight what you at the most feel is an electric attraction to the looks of the person which I personally don't classify as "love". That it may blossom into something beautiful in future... that you may cherish it years ahead, that it was 'just-right', etc doesn't count here.

But coming to the modern world... how many of you believe in love-before-first-sight as I've coined it? This is the age of 'internet-love', where MySpace, Orkut etc. are the best matrimonials that singles can themselves rely on... Having truly witnessed many such unions between people who didnt know each other from Adam, I can tell you it exists and its true. And in many ways, I feel that its more real than love-at-first-sight. Its a purely mental connection that happens and you like the person for who he/she portrays themselves to be. Its not physical (hopefully) and you share similar interests (hoping more so) etc. But this is the deception point as far as I am concerned. This way of finding love has sooo many holes in its fabric that you're lucky if you find anything pseudo to true-love. What if the person is sooooo not what they claimed to be? What if their tiny thumbnail picture on their profile was one moment of surreally great photography? What if they lied about anything from their hobbies/interests to their educational/family background? There are sooo many 'what ifs'. Yet, how are these hundreds of people finding love?

I'll tell you when love-before-first-sight has the best chance of working..

1) Timing is everything - The people involved definitely need to be the right age and 'marriage material' - What may not have worked on a girl even 6 months ago may as well work for someone who "tried" right now coz she is all ready to 'settle-down'
2) A little bit of genuinity - Lies ain't gonna build no love castle... All the stuff people say better ring true
3) Taking it beyond the scrapping - No love stories are truly built around the initiator engines.. The stories have to transcend these boundaries into the IMs - Yahoo!, MSN, GTalk or whatever works for you and then on, you'll be surprised at how similar the process is to the typical matrimonial engines themselves. (Except you arranged it for yourself! )

And so on... you get the idea...

So, how many of you believe in love-before-first-sight? I do....

The Loner in Me.

I never knew she existed,
For me to pry and see
She emerged from the shadows,
The Loner in me.

A movie here, a dinner there..
And a drink maybe,
She went by herself everywhere
The Loner in me.

T'was all an experience,
Different from being chirpy
Was all so new and hence,
The Loner in me.

The seeds were sown
And now, I feel oh-so-grown
Am glad I set free..
The Loner in me.

May 19, 2007

Shrek the Third

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

So it was the day of release and this month is the month of III segments.. first Spidey, now Shrek and next week Pirates... Ofcourse I had to check out Shrek the Third and offer my vishesh tippani on the movie. Without further ado, I m going to jump into the review..

I thought the movie was great... It was great follow-up and sheerly to live up to the legendary Part I and pretty good part II was a phenomenal part. I thought Shrek III was a worthy sequel and thoroghly lived up to the expectations. But then again, it maybe coz I am very partial to animated movies and Shrek is one of my favorite series.

The movie opens with Fiona's dad, the Frog King's illness which leads to the necessity of Shrek and Fiona playing King-Queen of Far Far Away temporarily as the king recovered. As it happens, he doesn't and there are a few gags even as the king lies in his death-pond issuing last wishes as he dies more than once, the final one being that if Shrek isn't willing to take up the Kingdom, he has to find the next-of-heir, a kid named Arthur. And so begins the movie, the primary goals having been established.

Its really cute to see that the dragon and donkey have 5 kids, each a mini-version of the donkey, just flying and shooting flames from their mouths... Very cute and adorable as they fuss around their "daddy". Shrek, Donkey and the Puss-in-boots decide to take a boat ride and fetch Arthur back to his Kingdom. Fiona chooses this opportune moment to reveal that she is pregnant. And Shrek barely takes it well, like every man (though he's an ogre!!) And what follows is a hilarious dream sequence of Shrek's where he is avalanched wih Shrek Jrs.. Very funny!
Meanwhile Prince Charming braves his way back to the pub of rejected people, the villains from the Fairy Tales where he puts together his own army with a goal saying that though they were villainized, they deserved their own "Happily-ever-after" in Far Far Away. I liked this concept of trying to glorify the villains - your typical Good vs Evil concept. But with the Fairytale creatures, it was a lot better than otherwise. Through all this, the Donkey and Puss have a voice-swap period which is really cute and fun....

Then what follows is the triumph of good over evil ofcourse....

What I liked:
1) The involvement of the Fairytale creatures - Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, all have their own tiny roles
2) The Arthur character - he's cute and has SOME personality
3) Merlin
4) The Donkey-Dragon's babies - adorable
5) Shrek-Fiona's triplets - so so so cute :)
All in all, a treat for all Shrek fans alike... Don't miss this one. Super cute, quite funny and very very watchable. Fully recommended.

May 15, 2007

Key to true and everlasting happiness

Over the years I have discovered and perfected the key to true everlasting happiness - zero expectations. People may have told you a variety of things... But nothing can actually substitute experiencing it yourself. And the best results are in the most important of things. When you don't expect something of a person, not only are you not disappointed something didn't happen or they didn't do something for you... But importantly, it makes the times they do count much more. You are taken completely by surprise and the joy it brings is obviously way past what it would if you had anticipated it happening.

Somebody, surprise me.

May 14, 2007

Wife or Cook?

The idea behind this post just sprung from a chat conversation with my bro. We were discussing the ongoing bride-hunt for a cousin bro, who is I am unhappy to say younger than me. He barely turned 25 a few months ago and out came the horoscopes and the whole rigamarole of mixing and the matching began. I expressed my views on the whole new arranged marriage deal in this post. Hearing about it all over again, this time with a cousin was a reaffirmation of how the process hasn't really come a long way from back in the days when my parents got married (except for the technology that is).

Wanting to probe into this deeper, I actually asked my Patti, whom I consider a key figure in expediting wedding procedures (well if you think she's been patient in my case, I assure you that it has taken her monumental effort and the only reason she's as cool as a cucumber is that she didn't have any searching to do!) a whole bunch of nagging questions.

Me: Avanuku ipo kalyanam pannikarthuku enna avalo avasaram? Innum 1-2 years pogatume. (Whats the rush for him to get married? Can't it wait a couple of years?)
Patti: Illa dee... Iruvathi anju vayasu ayachu... Engineering mudichachu.. nalla velaila irukan... samblam koodindu iruku... Jaipur la thaniya irukane... Kalyanam aana veeta paathuka yaravadhu irupa la... (No dee.. He's 25, Has completed a degree in Engineering, has a good job, has an increasing salary, is alone in Jaipur.. If he gets married there will be someone to take care of the house)

Me: Basically, veeta paathuka dhaan pondati. (You need a wife to take care of the house?)
Patti: Cha cha.. Illa dee... Avanuku vela velaiku vidha vidhama samachu poda yaravadhu irupa la... (Not at all.. Someone has to be there to cook a large variety of food for him for every meal)

Me: So samayalkaari nu solla vare.. (Oh you need a cook then..)
Patti: Paithyakara thanama edhavadhu solladhe.. Kala kaalathuku kalyanam panna dhaan azhaga irukum. Apram aathukararku samaikardhoda enna velai? (Don't talk nonsense. If you get them married early only, it looks nice. What better work than cook for the husband?)

Thats what I am talking about... Most single men away from their mollycuddled homes tend to get married early... not because they are financially sound and can support another individual, etc. But from the elderly perspective apparently to have a cook free-of-charge! I am not generalizing... For all I know, this is a TamBrahm trait.

May 9, 2007

Pet Peeves?

When I first learned that the house I'd be subletting would have 2 cats in it, I freaked out. I am a pet enthusiast... more specifically, a dog enthusiast. To be totally specific, I haven't ever lived around a dog.. so I'd imagine it would be much different from what I fantasized it would be.. when the stark reality of all the litter and stuff creeps in.

So when I met J.D (Jamuna Das is his real name), a big grey cat at Steinbeck, I was a li'l wary of him.. More so coz he was too friendly for a cat I just met. He became all pally pally and started nosing around my feet right away (Initially I thought it was the slippers... I tried throwing it away and all.. but it was me he was after!) I am sure it was a sight to see with me trying to tiptoe away from him all the time. When his owners were around, he fussed around them. Otherwise, he was always around me..

The first morning ofcourse was a shocker... I opened my bedroom door a bit wide (I wasnt used to animals waking up to me..) and JD jumped into the room before I could act fast... And horror of horrors, he pawed around for a good spot and landed square in the middle of my comforter to snuggle into a morning nap... Horrified but very scared to touch him, I timidly approached him and he purred. Hmph. I stalked off into the restroom praying he was gone when I returned. But guess what? He followed me right into the restroom and didnt leave no matter how much I coaxed him. (I became smart midway and shut the bedroom door when I could). I had a hard time chasing him outta the restroom and now this is a daily routine.. But he's learned quickly that I dont appreciate that much and doesnt wander into the restroom. However, now when he misses me, he vividly knocks on my door and mews outside. (His mew is a sign of protest. If you shut a door on him, he'll mew... if you dont let him in, he'll look you in the eye and mew). And last night once I had retired for the day, he kept mewing outside. And when I ignored him, he actually put his paw under the door and sorta waved!

In less than a week, I have adapted to a lot... a cat nonetheless... I must admit that my hosts are gracious and do their best to keep him away.. The other cat, Kitty is petrified (and maybe I prefer it that way) and barely shows herself.. Also, I admit that the prospect of cat hair on my clothes, comforter or bed isnt comforting... So, I keep JD at room's length... We have our 5 minutes of daily palliness... Thats good enuf...

May 6, 2007

Have you ever........

Have I ever what?? This is what... I saw this on Aravind's blog centuries ago and wanted to flick it back then.. Forgot about it.. wrote a whole bunch of other stuff.. Finally while chancing upon it on someone else's blog, thought I should publish this one.. This one's for timepass... Here goes:

1. Thought your cousin was hot? Eew ..No
2. Been in love? Yes
3. Gone over the speed limit? Yes
4. Painted your room? No
5. Drove a car? Yes
6. Danced in front of your mirror? Yes
7. Been dumped? No
8. Stole money from a friend? No
9. Gotten in a car with people you just met? Yes.. in fact even yesterday!
10. Been in a fist fight? No
11. Snuck out of your house? Yes
12. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? Yes
13. Been arrested? No
14. Left your house with out telling your parents? Yes
15. Had a crush on your neighbor? Yes (my first real crush.. the guy downstairs!)
16. Ditched school to do something more fun? Not school school... but college.. YEHA!
17. Slept in a bed with a member of the same or opposite sex ? Yes
18. Seen someone die? No
19. Been on a plane? Yes
20. Kissed a picture? Yes
21. Slept in until 3? Yes
22. Love someone or miss someone right now? Yes
23. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? Yes
24. Made a snow angel? No
25. Played dress up? Yes
26. Cheated while playing a game? No
27. Been lonely? Yes
28. Fallen asleep at work/school? Duh ..YES
29. Been to a club? Yes
30. Felt an earthquake? Yes
31. Touched a snake? Yes (eeks!)
32. Ran a red light? Yes
33. Been suspended from school? No
34. Had detention.. No
35. Been in a car? Yes
36. Hated the way you look? Yes - just one freaking time!
37. Witnessed a crime? Yes
38. Been lost? Yes
39. Been to the opposite side of the country? Yesss
40. Felt like dying from embarrassment? Yes
41. Cried yourself to sleep? Yes
42. Sang karaoke? Yes! Awesome fun...
43. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't do? Yes.. many many many times
44. Laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose? No
45. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes
46. Kissed in the rain? No
47. Sung in the shower? Yes
48. Had a dream that you married someone? Yes
49. Played getting married? No..
50. Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? No
51. Ever gone to school partially nude? No
52. Sat on a roof top? Yes..
53. Didn't take a shower for a week? Yes
54. Ever been too scared to watch scary movies alone? No
55. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? No
56. Been told you're hot by a complete stranger? Yes (thats one of those dying-embarassing moments)
57. Broken a bone? Uh.. does a fracture count?
58. Been easily amused? Yes
59. Laugh so hard you cry? Yes
60. Cheated on a test? Yes.. (Kaviiii...)
61. Forgotten someone's name? Yes
62. Blacked out from drinking? No
63. Played a prank on someone? Yes.. yes.. yes!
64. Gone to a late night movie? Yes.. all the time!
65. Failed a class? No
66. Choked on something you're not supposed to eat? No
67. Played an instrument for more than 10 hours? Not continuously
68. Cheated on a girlfriend/boyfriend? No
69. Did you celebrate the 4th of July? No
70. Thrown strange objects? No
71. Felt like someone? Yes
72. Thought about running away? Yes..(but when I was already away from home.. Does that count?)
73. Cried over someone? Yes
74. Have a dog? No
75. Own an instrument? Yes
76. Been in a band? Yes
77. Drank 25 sodas in a day? No
78. Broken a cd? I tried very hard one day.. Twisted it and malformed it.. Couldnt break it!
79. Shot a gun? Not unless u count those fake guns in the amusement parks!
80. Been on facebook for more than 5 hours? No..
81. Have a major crush on someone right now? Not a crush
82. Have a religion? Yes
83. Thought about what people would say at your funeral? Yes

May 5, 2007

Spidey 3 - Entangled

Warning: Detailed plot outlines ahead. Limited spoilers. For a brief, one-para review, skip to the last paragraph.

I was sooo excited to catch this movie, the third in the trilogy the day of its release and all.. and that too in Ames, Iowa... So, me n my newfound roommates went to Movies 12, the only complex in the 5-mile radius town that shows the latest flicks and bought tickets instantly for the 10:25 PM show.

As the plot unravelled, it was clear that ofcourse the movie had taken a few twists and turns of its own and wasnt going to be nearly as faithful as its comic... And fromt he trailers (if not the comics), one would know that Harry Orborn was going to be Spidey's next nemesis. The first fight between the Harry Monster (the new Goblin?) and Spidey was downright unbelievable.. and not in a good way. (Okay, if you are one of those people who wants to tell me... listen babe, you are watching a superhero flick and you are talking believable, you n I shd have a chat.. there are limits to even superhero fights!) And while the Goblin's moves and stunts were phenomenal, Spidey shoots sad-looking 'web-bullets' at Harry... And through a twist of events through steel, concrete and glass of the Manhattan skyline, Harry ends up in a pile next to a dumpster, waking up with.. well, you guessed it, a memory loss.

In this phase, is the introduction of the Sandman and his creation ofcourse... A criminal, the guy who murdered Ben Parker, nevertheless is being chased down by the police and in his run finds himself trapped in a particle physics testing facility. The 3 huge probe kinda things are supposedly whipping the silicon (silica?) in the sand beneath them and because of their sheer intensity and power, end up whipping the man in between them also! The scene's been graphically done quite tastefully.. And then rises the Sandman.. this weird superpower that can become sand as he likes and take his original human form as he likes. His one leading goal is to aid his ailing daughter for which he is ready to literally 'blow the city apart'. And so is formed Spidey's second nemesis for the movie.

While all this is happening, how could we forget MJ, Spidey's forever love interest.. She is in a Broadway musical and isnt doing so well... She's fired. While she wants to talk to Peter, her boyfriend about it, he's too busy glowing in the pride of Spidey's acceptance by the whole of New York... Here's where Gwen Stacy is introduced as the daughter of the police chief and Peter's labmate (Comic-wise, Gwen was actually Peter's college girlfriend who's tragically killed by the Green Goblin). While saving her and revelling in glory, Spidey kisses her upside down very much the same way he kissed MJ for the first time. This doesn't go unnoticed and MJ seeks Harry out for solace... Ofcourse Harry in his attempt to look innocent and 'I-don't-remember-anything-that-happened' ends up looking a wee bit retarded. Meanwhile, there's this black goo that makes its way to Spidey's house... And while he's in bed climbs all over him and makes this pretty cool-looking black Spidey outfit... (I know you already think there's a lot happening.. but read on to find out more!)

And with the outfit comes a reckless power, a power in which Spidey loses all compassion, all goodness and becomes downright selfish n evil. And the Peter that goes with this Spidey is not this well-groomed kid we've gotten used to seeing. Instead, he is this supposedly cool-looking dude with his hair flicked all the way across his forehead and some kajal (I swear!) and funky dance moves while walking etc. Harry gains his memory back, threatens MJ to break up with Peter.. and then fights him. Reckless as Spidey is now, he doesn't care no more...

Between allllll this drama, another nemesis remains to be introduced. A young photographer vying for Peter's job at the Daily Bugle to take Spidey pics, also being Gwen's boyfriend. Reckless Peter not just steals his girlfriend, but also his job.. And the guy wants revenge...
And how does he get it? When Reckless Peter forces himself to desparatelyrid his black suit, the goo sticks on to this guy making this toothy black villain. The rest of the story ofcourse is about how Spidey has to survive three formidable nemeses as they let dangle his most precious possession.. MJ ofcourse... I am not giving away the most important part of the plot here.. Go see it!

The movie was a little over 2 hours... but felt much longer... It was packed with stuff.. Three opponents to one Spidey, a whole new angle to his love interest on MJ, avenging his uncle's killer (who wasnt the guy who died in Spidey I), balancing his responsibilities and his fame and I could go on forever. The stunts were as usual out of the world (though I didnt think much of the first fight between the new Goblin and Spidey). The final sequence of stunts that ends the movie is worth a watch. All in all, I think Spidey III had definitely bitten more than it could swallow...

May 4, 2007

One to Ponder...

How many times has it happened to you? You are seriously working for more than 2 hours on something important... All along, your boss doesn't even know you exist.. And those 2 precious minutes you take a break to check email/orkut/chat or write this blog, he peeks into your cube.. Hmph.