June 4, 2009

Reflections of the other kind

I have no clue if Newton realized it when he proposed it back then, but his third law - Every action has an equal and opposite reaction has a whole new dimension now - not just motion. It's practical existence in everyday life. People often react off something with or without realizing it. We're the perfect canvases to study emotion objectively. It's almost basic instinct to check your reflection whilst walking past a shiny window, for instance ... if your hair's okay... you're lipgloss isn't smudged, blah. But I guess what I am talking about is not just the shallow aspects of it. Most people tend to react off the reactions from others about many things. And more often than not, these are pure reflections of what's given to them. Like you're generally nice to a person who's being nice to you... and if not, soon patience wears thin and you end up being just as ungracious to them as they are to you (unless you are saintly - which I most certainly am not). Simple tit for tat. Similarly, a negative feedback about anything can rob the charm about it that made you do/buy/act that way. For example, a new dress that you loved and bought receives lukewarm response from your friends which robs your intial excitement from the whole experience. There's a rare person who can wear the devil-may-care skin and still be happy with their original choice. You can live with it for sure, but you end up second guessing a lot of times. The same analogy can be translated to actions, behaviour or relationships with varying degrees of importance and depths of responses, of course. Ever notice how your reactions are mirrored in the other person and vice versa? I just consciously started to . It's fascinating.


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