May 28, 2009

Luck by chance

Note: This has nothing to do with the movie.

By no standards am I an indecisive person. In fact for almost every situation where there's a choice, one choice outweighs the other in my head all along however small the difference maybe. However while I know this internally, to actually make that choice and make it real is the bigger deal to me. It's sort of treading the fine line between the logical choice and the sometimes frivolous ones. While it seems obvious off the top to pick the logical one at all times, sometimes, I'd go for the frivolous one for reasons ranging from laziness to curiosity. But not wanting to be entirely responsible for making the choice, I leave it to fate. I tell myself that for me to proceed with the one choice or the other, I need another sign. And I assign these signs myself. Thankfully I am not biased to the signs as well which would negate the whole fate thing. With equal opportunity signs, I go for the choice from the sign that shows up first. For example, recently I've become exceedingly lazy to change trains. I'd rather take a bus-train combo that takes 10 minutes longer to reach than the bus-train-train combo. But on the days that I am in a hurry, I make the logical choice - the quicker one. On the days that I am not, I leave it to fate. If the bus that goes all the way close to college shows up first, I take the bus-train combo and if the bus that goes just to the station shows up I take the bus-train-train quicker combo. This way I am not entirely to blame, see? Of course that's just one of the examples in a whole lot where other "signs" indicate different choices to me. Makes sense? Sounds weird? Do you do it too?


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