June 29, 2009


This is a scientific fact and there is evidence to back it up - if you fixate upon something, it is likely to amplify. Like you know how you think that you are hearing some noise and for some reason no one else can hear it but you are sure as hell that there is something and it's as loud as cathedral bells to your ears? That's not a figment of your imagination. Your brain really does amplify those sounds in your ear so that you can hear them clearly. It thinks it's trying to help you out. Here's the news item.

On the other hand, here's how everything manifests itself in our day-to-day lives. Anything and everything we fixate upon is likely to give us more agony than if we didn't. Some unforeseen symptoms... unresolved issues...unreceived calls and even the simplest things are bound to cause us unnecessary anguish. They don't say for nothing that a watched pot seldom boils. The key to giving yourself some peace is to stop over-analyzing things and give it a rest at least for sometime. And not seeking desperate measures for closure - like calling someone for the 20th time incapable of waiting for them to return the call they said that they would, or popping multiple pills for a seemingly simple headache. This compounds the issues rather than resolving the problem. While time especially crawls when you are watching the clock, it goes by much faster when you're occupied even with the most mundane chores of everyday life. They don't say for nothing that time will heal. This too shall pass. Wait it out.


Priya said...

This is true in so many many situations. When I cut myself or have a bruise I try to ignore it and the pain does minimize, but the more you think abt it the more it hurts. The plants that I tended to for weeks, died on me, and when I ignore them, they are thriving :(
And the thing about calls not being returned or emails not replied too asap, drives me nuts!! Ignoring those, I need to master.

Jaya said...

Priya-> Yes, totally... The more we dwell on something the more it harms us.. It's hard to get whatever is bothering you out of your mind. Ironically, that's what helps best. Good luck with mastering known-ignorance (that's an oxymoron). It takes time and a lot of willpower. I am still working on it. :D

krish said...

*so* true. this is sort of like when you are waiting for someone and they're running late.. if you keep checking your watch, every passing minute gives you the mental tension. it's best to maybe catch up on fone calls or do something else to distract yourself. Nice observation as always. Good post.

Jaya said...

Krish->Absolutely can identify with that. In fact in such situations I let my frustration build and finally take it out on the latecomers. Though they "deserve" it in some weird sense, they didn't signup for the magnitude. Lol. Thanks for the compliments. And dude, keep visiting!

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