June 15, 2009

The big list of wedding don'ts...

Note: The scenarios discussed here are probably more in tune with Indian weddings rather than Western ones.

Having witnessed quite a few weddings over the past couple of years, I've made a mental note of all the things that should best be avoided on your big day. And now, I've decided to make that knowledge public. Here's a list of things you'd rather stay away from when planning the biggest night (or in our case 3 days) of your life.

Match game
Avoid: It's totally 1970s Bollywood song style to wear matching clothes with your fiancé(e). Complementing one another is one thing. But matching in color exactly is entirely different and is a rather big test on one's gag reflex. I think the worst I've seen is a theme wedding where the decorations were in blue and beige. And the bride and groom wore blue and beige clothes. While you're at it, please make sure your cake isn't designed as per theme as well! No, it's not cute or cool.. it's just gag-worthy.
Instead: Do it in style. The groom wearing a tie the exact color of the bride's sari/dress is very classic and subtle. Take a hint or two from Katie Holmes who dresses Tom Cruise to match her in the most of tasteful of ways. One time his tie matched her eye shadow. That subtle.

Avoid: I think the worst I've seen is the groom in a smart dress jacket... accompanied by sports shoes. I don't think anything could've stuck out more like a sore toe. It's completely taboo.
Instead: Go all the way. If you've picked out the clothes you want to wear, how hard can it be to accessorize appropriately without looking like a cave person (or an athlete for the case-in-point)? And women, the "less is more" concept totally sells. If your sari is pretty heavy on the zari or the embroidery, it won't be so bad to keep the jewelry light and tasteful rather than go all out and look like a Prince jewelry advertisement. Both looks may work for you. Get the advise of trusted friends on what goes best. One last piece of advise: Don't wear ridiculous jewelry... no matter how much others tell you it "suits" you.

Environment friendly
Avoid: Plastic cups on the podium. No I don't mean when you're standing on the reception dias and stealing a few sips of pineapple juice from a disposable cup between well-wishers from the long snaking queue waiting to wish you and then rush to the dining hall. I mean when you're toasting your day as it has become common these days. For crying out loud, do not "toast" your wedding cheers with plastic cups.
Instead: Please please invest in crystal or atleast good old glass for the occasion. This isn't the place to scrimp.

Avoid: Heavy make-up and very heavy jewelry especially in sweaty Chennai. Not many things can be worse than sweating out your makeup on your brand-new clothes under the sweltering spotlight. And many people end up looking extra-powdered to perhaps combat the oncoming heat.
Instead: Most people are very concerned on how they look in their pictures. After all, that's what lasts to keep the memories fresh forever. Fortunately in this day and age, it's very simple to rid that concern. Get a friend to click a few pictures of you once you're ready on a digicam. It's a fool-proof way of telling if you're overly madeup or if you've missed some important detail overall.

And finally, remember to smile and express all that happiness that you're feeling inside. Everyone's on your side and everyone wants to make you feel just as special as you do on your big day. Leave the inhibitions behind and enjoy the day(s) for what they truly mean - one of the most precious events in your life.

PS: If you're a wedding invitee, your only concern should be not to dress down the bride. As tempting as it maybe to wear your own fabulous reception sari (if you're already married), make sure to find out if the bride is going to be wearing something more stunning. Nothing irks a bride than being showed down on her big day. ;)


chandni said...

Maybe you shd create a tag called MSN so I can get these articles right away! I loved this 1 tooooooo... And when I get married, not that I wud've EVER done any of this, but now, I'll take special care not to. :-P. Thanks for the lovely post again. Muahh

moonstruck said...

Agree with Chandni (big surprise) - we seem to comment only when u write smething like this. completely agreed with this as well.. (i nodded along all through) hehehehe. great work. And i want to tell u here.. where is your Paris flopped fashion blog? I want to read! And i spk for chandni too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Blue n beige dresses with backgrnds? who'd do tat?!

Radhika said...

Very entertaining Jaya.Also wanted to tell you that your skewers look beautiful. The colours are very vivid and fresh. Aahanu iruku.

Jaya said...

Chandni -> A friend of mine "missed" your comment on this one. Needless to say, she n I both noticed as soon as you left the comment. Lol. And btw, if I tag MSN, I may get sued. So, I've tagged "fashion" for all these posts. That's your cue! Thanks as usual for leaving a comment and visiting promptly.

Moonstruck, thanks a lot lot for your comment too! And you are the first person to ask for the fashion flop blog.. chha, I was hoping for a larger faction. But I'll honour your request soon! :D. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Anonymous -> Certainly strange. Thanks for visiting. Do come back!

Radhika -> Thanks a lot also. :)

Anonymous said...

Another awesome post .....I adore ur fashion related posts...well....you are absolutely ryt on every note here....which I ve noticed too in many occasions..... Very nice one Jaya....Keep posting.......


Jaya said...

Moonlight -> So sweet, thank you. Yes yes, I have a lot of unnecessary fashion comments to make. You will see them here sooner than later. Thanks again, keep visiting and keep commenting!

mysticmelodiez said...

prince jewelery adv.., ridiculous jewelery, Perumale!! even the thought is a nightmare, what is worse is that the battle could be really tough to win especially with a hoard of relatives (including close ones) coaxing you constantly, many a brides that I know have ended up like the PJ model just to hush the relentless coaxing, lolz. just curious, how did you manage to keep the fauj of relatives at bay on your big day? or did you??

Jaya said...

Mysticmelodiez -> Naan kalakkiten... I had a hoard of friends who got married 2 days apart this way and that way and so we all picked out or jewelry and saris around the same time. And with the peers it's way easier than the parents. None of my relatives thankfully forced anything upon me. In the end, I thought I did a great job with the selections (Thankfully, or this post would've been as to what all to avoid from what I did :D). All the best when it's your turn!

cozycat said...

Trust the mirror, your instincts and as you said - the digital camera for personal tastes. As for the decor, please trust someone with a good eye for colors and patterns. Nothing remotely as rubbishy as what u've pointed out. Loved the post.

Jaya said...

Cozycat-> Couldn't agree more! You've surmised them all. Thanks for the comment n keep visiting!

Rajni said...

Good advise! BTW, the date is set for this December 12th in Bhopal, MP :)

Jaya said...

Rajni -> Congratulations to the both of you!! And come on, you are way too stylo to commit any of these fashion faux pas and rather, you should be lending your own tips to this space. :P

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