June 27, 2009

The forgotten girl

The big problem in having many guy friends is that in due time they forget that you are a girl. Especially if your personality is anything like mine... where you don't cringe at the first bad word or the first cheap slander (rather you might join in and take a potshot yourself), when your wavelengths are perfectly meshed, blah. Wow.. sounds like a whole lot of physics mumbo-jumbo. And almost always, we girls are the tomboys of the gang and are seldom associated with any dainty behaviour typical of girls, which we also ridicule sometimes alongside the boys. So big surprise then, that the girlfriends that these guys end up with are a bit wary of us at least till they know that as far as their 'guys' are concerned, we are just other guys masquerading as girls. We are the genre of forgotten girls.

That being said, somehow when we are with "the guy", we suddenly develop all the feminity that ever was and want to be treated as any girl should be treated. And the fact that we have so many guy friends is not a bargaining chip for being treated any lesser as a girl, especially by our significant other. As long as that doesn't happen, being the forgotten girl may not be as bad as it sounds.


rajni said...

Being the forgotten girl doesn't feel bad at all, when your SO thinks of you as the girl of his world :)

Jaya said...

Rajni -> Exactly my point. Thanks for the comment sweetie. Keep visiting!

The Muse ... said...

It rather is like getting the best of 2 worlds :). Have your cake and eat it too!

Jaya said...

The Muse -> Amen!

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