March 27, 2007

World Cup Blues

Disclaimer: This is not so much as a World Cup discussion as it is a cribbing of the recent events with the game's biggest tournament.
Ok.. everyone who is anyone is talking about the Cricket World Cup hosted right here at the Windies. But the cup's been the most dismal one already. Both India and Pakistan knocked outta the cup by newer, thought to be easy-to-beat teams like Bangladesh and Ireland.. The Super 8s are just the Super 6s now for the other teams.. Or are they? To make matters worse, Bob Woolmer killed?! Whats that about? When did cricket stop being a game and start being a mob?

There was always an unhealthy obesession with the game in the subcontinent. It ceased being just a sport. It was a religion. And the demi-Gods had let us down. The team with the most runs on paper, the "Men in Blue" all gave the most abysmal performances of their career. Under the umbrella of one of cricket's greatest's career, under Sachin Tendulkar's career, India have not won a single World Cup. Its just the dumps.

So what went wrong? Was it the overconfidence? The complacence? The over-exposure making money and ads? The lack of commitment? Pressure? 1 billion hopes? Or was it just all of this?

The most optimistic-yet-cautious supporter in me was in denial when Bangladesh had us confounded. Hope against hope, I thought this would waken the lions that we would love to believe we are against the Lankan tigers. Not to be. Another sucky performance. And it was almost illegal to hope that Bermuda could beat Bangladesh. It was ridiculous letting our fate being decided by two other teams. And I would have personally recommended India forfeat if ever Bermuda beat Bangladesh. That wasn't to be. And the Men-In-Blue head back. TO make more ads... make more money.. irrespective of the career slump or anything else. As long as their purses kept jingling, it doesnt look like they are bothered for too much more.

Dad tells me that the cricket-based ads have been put on hold. Considering the majority of the 1-billion no longer wanna see them. This is normal. What scares me is some of the obsessive folk, some of the variety thats going to go around burning Dhoni's house or Sachin's restaurant. Dad also tells me that the players are expected to arrive in an undisclosed variety of flights. What next?

Personally, I think we should let all of these legends go. Their time's up. Its time for young blood. Newer players, newer ideas. We lose then... we lose with a learning new team. Not the biggest names in cricket. We need mew energy, new strategies, a whole new plan. So much for all those emails pointing out striking similarities between our 1983 victory and our horrendous start this world cup.

Revamp, India!

March 13, 2007

Once bitten.. twice lucky

Do you believe in luck? I do. And I completely believe that for something to happen favorably, you need the luck. So whats fashioned me to become Lady luck savvy? My whole life! I have realized that for me most things aren't as straightforward as it is for many others. Most things that matter in my life require that second stab at it.

College admissions? - HCE was the second college I saw and stuck to... (Thankfully I didnt have to repeat my Boards or my entrance exams!!)

GRE - I had to give it twice to get my dream score

Admissions - I had to apply TWICE. One year I didnt get great results - I applied too high. The second year, I had to send in the packets TWICE (coz SpeedPost lost my package) - that means two sets of recos, two sets of application forms, two of everything and TWICE the freaking headache as well!

I could also relate a whole bunch of other stuff that fit right into my 'twice is nice' label, including some very important life decisions, but I am not going into that. :)

I have done a looot to be here.. And now jobhunting sometimes drives me to WHY do I want to be here? I sure hope I get that one job that will validate everything I have been through. Twice has been lucky... Fingers crossed.

March 7, 2007

Why me?

Many of you must be familar with this scenario.. You've just completed your degree (in the US) and you are looking for jobs. Ofcourse you have uploaded your resume on Monster, Careerbuilder and the many other job portals in the hope of flagging the one dream job you want. No matter what your degree, I bet you have a million consultants call you everyday the first few days. I have no problems with the genuine guys who are just out there doing their job and trying to offer you one.. Many don't get that you are an Electrical Engineer simply not willing to settle for a "software consultancy job". Thats also fine.

But what about some genuine freaks? I got this one call for example, about a month ago and I still can't believe it happened. And that was it for my patience. This dude called himself Vijay and started out by saying hi.. hello. When I asked him for what company he worked for, believe me when I say it took him 4 whole minutes to concoct a 'John Grunther Solutions' which doesnt exist ofcourse. He claimed the reason for his delay in answering to be his debating between the 3 groups that owned different companies. All that was okay. This was the part I couldn't take. I had just finished narrating my rehearsed speech of how I wasn't interested in software job.

Him: So what kind of jobs are you looking for, Jayalakshmi? (I hate the fact that every consultant seems to be Desi. I hate it even more that every sentence each one uses on me ends with Jayalakshmi. How are you Jayalakshmi? We have a job to offer, Jayalakshmi... I mean.. I understand you can pronounce it.. but give it a rest, will you?!!?)

Me: I am interested in MEMS.

Him: Oh you are interested in MEN (I capitalize it to emphasize it) And his tone, believe me wasnt confused, wasnt embarrassed or any of that. It was as casual as 'Oh you are interested in Visual Basic'. Who the ^@%*$!&$P)!*{$!($# canvasses candidates like that?

Me (in pure rage now): NOT MEN!!! MEMS - Its an expansion of Microelectro Mechanical Systems!

Him: Oh ok. So where are you from in India?

I hang up.

And I have all rights to be saddened.

March 4, 2007

Some color in my life..

I was just glancing through my past few entries and realized that it was plain and colorless though very very beautiful.. With the onset of spring and many things all over again, I realize that its time to bring some color into my life.. (well into the blog at the very least... hehe). But then whats not colorful in my life? So far so good.. All I lack is a job which I am hunting at the moment.

I had a party at my professor's house and after having a full three-course meal, theres this buzz in my head. And suddenly I was struck by how much I am going to miss Cincinnati once I leave it. I know alllllllllll we grad students spoke about in the last few weeks leading up to the defense is how we "can't wait to be done" or how "I am sick of this place". And then suddenly just like that you realize what you're saying is not true. It was never any of those things. In fact, my whole existence in the United States has revolved around the 1 mile radius that UC occupies. About 2.5 years of my whole life spent in a 2.5 km radius. With little laments, little regrets, little urge to do anything else. Unbelievable. I guess thats the feeling that envelopes every single one of us as we unknowingly get attached to places, people, buildings, offices, even that morning coffee at the campus Starbucks. And when you graduate, suddenly you are an alumnus. Thats not good enough. It never is.

Ok.. this entry was supposed to be colorful. Instead it turned into a reflection of my thoughts at this exact instant. But the grass is greener on the other side. Every single time. For now... California beckons.