June 17, 2009

Parisian fashion faux pas

Not that I am some fashion diva or something, but there are certain things that you notice on people and you just know that that’s not the way it should be. Even in one of the fashion capitals of the world, Paris, people sometimes commit the ultimate crime – fashion faux pas.

Here’s my list of not-so-hot witnessed on the everyday Parisian fashion scene (for the list of very hot read this post):

1. Skinny jeans and bulky shoes: Skinny jeans are very in out here.. And I assumed one of the main reasons was that so many people, men and women alike, are so slender. And it looks great on them. Just not when they mess it up and pair it with oversized sneakers. It looks very unsightly and is particularly effective in grabbing the wrong kind of attention.

2. Goop-up: Remember how we talked about how most women here were to choose one eye-makeup essential, it’d be mascara ? Rightly applied, it can be a major boost to those skimpy lashes. But maybe it’s a fashion key I am missing out on, but so many people here put oodles of the stuff on their lashes so much that it forms tiny globules at the tips. Not appealing at all.

3. Legally wrong: So a gorgeous woman’s walking towards you. Tall, slender and what’s she wearing? A long shirt and… oh, wait a minute, that’s it! I think this one started out when truly some woman forgot to wear pants/skirt before stepping out of her house. And she was probably bold enough to pretend that that was exactly what she wanted. And it became a fashion statement. But without sheer stockings at the least or leggings, this outfit looks vastly unsettling. Many women pair up a long shirt with tall heels. A very handy way to show off long legs, not that any men are complaining. It’s sexy in a very bedroom way. Maybe a tad weird for the conventional me. And seriously, it’s one of those things that you can barely contain an incredulous reaction from. Go figure!

4. Boot-strapped: Ah them boots again… they look great with most things… slim pants, short skirts, dresses and the like. But just coz you have a pair or two doesn’t mean you wear them with everything whether it goes or not! Bulky jeans stuffed into tapering boots isn’t a sight to behold.. and even full-length skirts look strange with boots. At least this one is not so bad.

5. Pierced: This is not even the women I’m talking about. Almost no woman I’ve seen has any weird piercings in places visible to the eye. But it’s some of the men. And no, I have no issues with eyebrow piercings or anything of the sort. But on the nose? For a man? That’s hard for any Indian girl to digest. Eeks!

Aah there are so many more things I’d love to say.. but I didn’t wanna be overly bitchy. And given that I am no Jeniffer Aniston, I thought I’d stop short of sounding like a fashionista with a job at Dior.

Until later…….


chandni said...

And u dint post this for so long WHY? I *loved* this one the best! It was awesome.. just the right amt bitchy but u pull it off somehow. And Legally wrong was soo funny..i can't imagine someone wlking out in a shirt. But seriously, I think u shd write a fashion column. You rock at it. Mwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

sandhya said...

you do rock at it. it was a good column. but dont make your blog out to be one of those fluffy floozy things that talk about stuff like this like it's the end of the world. i think you're smarter than that, other entries prove it.

that said, if i had the legs, I would love to saunter around with a long shirt and confidence. wouldnt you?

moonstruck said...

Again big surprise that i concur with chandni on tis one.. I loved this writeup.

@Sandhya: I don' think chandni meant to make the entire blog a fashion comumn. I think she was saying that J can write a column elsewhere. Also, tho' u might have good legs, it's a little tasteless only to wear a shirt don't you think? I mean.. wats the next step? Go in lingerie wearing a smile (i kno u din' mean tat.. but just saying)

Gandalf said...

"didn't want to be too bitchy".. oh oh, I think you just were! Good post, btw and I donno what the chicks are fighting about. As always. Lol ;)

Jaya said...

Chandni -> Thanks once more! And no no, I am not qualified to write a fashion column and all... I have my website to publish whatever rubbish I want with no liability. Or hate mail. So, I'll be right here. Thanks. :D

Sandy -> Thanks dee.. Like, Moonstruck pointed out, I think chandni meant more like maybe write elsewhere types rather than convert my own blog into a fashion blog. There's no way I am doing that.. Where would all the recipes and my rantings go?? :O

Moonstruck -> Thanks once more for visitiing, commenting and on behalf of chandni, agreeing with her ;) Do come back!

Gandalf -> Was I that mean? And chicks?? Have some respect :P

Jaya said...

Sandy-> It struck me that I had to make another point here... For the shirt attire, I would have absolutely nothing to point out if the woman was wearing a dress/miniskirt upto that length. I guess we've been programmed to believe that a button-down shirt goes on top of something - a skirt, pants, leggings or something!! But yes, if you live here, you get used to it... so that helps with the gawking. :D

Jaya said...

Hmm... Maybe this Sandhya isn't my Sandy? Speak up!

sandhya said...

nope. i dont know you :) I stumbled on your blog during some internet surfing. its a good blog, i like it a lot!
and am glad ill be seeing more than fashion stuff from you.
and not to be argumentative,moonstruck, but i think the right kind of woman can pull anything off if she has the charm to pull it off, and decides that she wants to. lingerie? thats like comparing apples to oranges. i was talking about shirts. having a radical view about something does not always mean that that point of view can be extrapolated to any which extreme, does it?

moonstruck said...

@sandhya: I think i was clear tat i didn't necessarily mean the lingerie thing literally. You tuk it like that anyway. But again, not being argumentative or anything.. just coz u have the confidence to wear something doesn't mean u can carry it off or that it luks nice on u or tat some1 wants to see it on u. Aren't these considerations to make while dressing even though u dress for yrself? u may say no one is judgmental n all that.. but i think we r always being judged.

Jaya said...

Sandhya -> Thanks for the clarification and sorry for urimai kondadufying calling u Sandy n all (thought u were one of my BFFs). Thank you for stumbling by on the blog and liking it (and importantly telling me about it). Just so we're clear and so you can consider yet another angle on the shirts-only fashion trend, these shirts are frumpy, plaid-type shirts that we'd like to borrow from our significant other to maybe sleep-in. Ofcourse, like you say, the right kind of woman with the right of accessories may still be able to carry it off.. And if the person I'd seen wear this had done all of this right, this particular point would've features on my what's hot in Paris blog and not this one :D. Thanks for visiting and keep stumbling by!

Moonstruck -> Thanks for replying to Sandhya also. On the other hand, I think it's fascinating if someone is so supremely confident about themselves to actually wear literally anything and make it work... guess that's what Sandhya is trying to get across.

Girls.. I appreciate all the feedback and the interactions... doesn't seem argumentative to me! Keep them coming :)

chandni said...

Looked like moonstruck could do with some help. But before I cud get to it.. u'd already replied in that peacemaking tone. Lol. But yes, all that confidence is hard to truly radiate through.. even the most gorgeous woman has 1/2 insecurities. No one is past that from what I've seen. And yes, if they are then, you go girl!

Jaya said...

Chandni -> Thanks for coming back and replying. :D And so Sandhya has a different view... isn't that what we all want? Different perspectives and things to talk about differently. It's good!

sandy said...

There's always this danger in blogs that some commenter might turn out to be this nasty negative person, but I'm glad you took it the right way.
Moonstruck, no offense meant and none taken, of course. :)
You keep writing girl! and no worries about the urumai kondadufying. :D it would be interesting to hear what YOUR sandhya thinks about this shirt-no shirt thing.
and plaid just reminds me of lindsay lohan. a BIG no-no for me as well.
Anyway I Think I've taken enough of all of your times with this. Adieu :)

Jaya said...

Sandy -> Thanks for writing yet again... Hehehehe... It's a comments mazhai and I like it! :D Please don't think that you've taken any time or anything... I've asked MY Sandy to comment and lets see if she gets to it hehehe... Thanks for stopping by again and I hope you'll become a regular. Adios amiga!

sandy said...

Hello Hello....This is J's Sandy :). Adding my thoughts on the controversial outfit.A more acceptable version of that maybe a long one with a smart belt on top making it look like a super trendy dress. I do think that with a li'l modification it could make a nice loud fashion statement. But all by itself,I am not too sure and I would parade around any city in it,leave alone Paris.

Anonymous said...

I'm lovin the fashion post Di. Keep em coming!

Jaya said...

Sandy-> Thanks for voicing up :D. Well yeah, I am with you on this one as the post must've revealed.Hehehe. Thanks for the comment dee and keep visiting!

Rajni -> Thanks girl... well you know me... My opinions are not likely to recede so neither are these posts. Hee haa haa. Please keep visiting and commenting!

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