June 12, 2009


When it comes to clothes and accessories, I am more a quantity trumps quality person. I know that this might make me sound trashy.. but honestly I'd rather have a large variety of things to wear rather than one good branded thing. So back in the US, my clothes shopping was all Charlotte Russe and Sears. To me, it makes perfect sense. To others, it may seem a tad stingy. But it works for me... after all it tends to revitalize my wardrobe ever so often. However the point of this post wasn't about that. It was about those select few clothes that made it to the favorite list. For most stages in my wardrobe life cycle, I've had one pair of perfect jeans. The length, the fit, the flare... everything came together on one piece of garment and it becomes my signature jeans for the time it lasts. In UC it was this pair that PT used to love on me.. she used to call them 'woh-wala' (those) jeans. Every time I pondered on what to wear, she would suggest the 'woh-wala' pair. Of course each of these pairs wore out leading to me seek alternate replacements appropriately. Just recently while scouring through my entire wardrobe, I realized not only had I run out of a favorite pair, I'd run out of everything wearable with respect to jeans. Either they were too loose or too drab or just too worn, and you get the point. Here's one instance where it didn't help - all that quantity and no quality to speak of. Time to shop! This time I should probably get some quality to go along with the quantity. Sounds grownup? It does to me.


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