February 18, 2005

Movie mania

Dear Di,

Once when I was particularly jobless (spanning over 2 weekends I think), I saw two movies... And after I saw them, I knew I had to spread the word about them... Now I realise that 'blogging' my views and linking it across wouldve been far more effective... Better late than never.. So, here goes...

I saw Kadhal... I have to emphasize that it has to be one of the most horrible movies in recent times... hell, what recent.. all times! It will make u never wanna fall in love... And how they call therelationship b/w them as 'love' is very questionable. The next time any of u guys find yrself get embarrassed repeatedly in front of the same grp of women, take a good look. For all u know, one of them will come and pledge undying love to u... CRAP! But for everything it was, I have actually come across people who liked the movie... I guess everyone's entitled to their opinions.. but why.. oh why are such movies made???

GOD.... Thankfully after that I subsided into watching old old English movies... When I counted off the movies that I had been watching to a friend of mine, he was like, "Er.. jaya, which age are u in? That movie released eons ago!" Well, what can I say, I saw some movies for the nth time and some others afresh...

I saw L.A.Confidential and now I can join the millions who've probably seen it. Its one of those well-done slick Hollywood movies and has been taken excellently well.. with the story trying to twist'n'turn here'n'there. But for most part its quite predictable, though it did leave me wondering how on earth that movie won as many Oscars as it did...Hmmm....

I also saw the 'Shawshank Redemption'. Now I really can join what I am sure is a neverending list of fans... What an awesome movie.. completely humane and feelgood to the last scene... If I were reviewing the movie at some University, I wouldve recommended the director to tag a reference to Alexandre Dumas for his 'Count of Monte Cristo', coz indeed Andy's escape was parallel to Edmond Dante's in the book. But it was soo much fun and left me a smile on my face.

Well.. to be honest, those last few paragraphs were written about a year ago... Suddenly, I was into reading people's blogs and I realised all over again that it was one of those fun things I could do when I was at my oncampus job. Usually, I am just content sitting and playing Minesweeper hours on the end... But then now I run the risk of permanently damaging my wrist. That and a verbal 'promise' that I made to a good friend are the only things that keep me away from the mines!

So much for this post... I think its been in the making sooo long, i feel bad for it. I am gonna go ahead n blog this... And I have made a promise to myself (i did that a few microseconds ago) to maybe write a blog each time I am at ECSS... After all life throws us umpteen things... many of which SHOULD be shared!


Dear diary?

Dear Di,

I know I would never ever trust an electronic version of a diary, especially coz I maintain a paper version which has my deepest, darkest secrets so-to-speak! And ofcourse a blog is entirely different in a sense that u wanna share yr thoughts and really wouldnt mind someone reading this, just this once...

But its gonna take me time to write stuff here thats entirely personal. Perhaps I never will. I created this blog page coz everyone in the world was sitting and creating one and I must admit that I had a fun time reading some people's... And then it dawned upon me that u'd rather give a perspective about something here... rather than go and narrate it to every person u come across... I am especially (in??)famous for doing that... :)

Well well... we'll soon find out how I go blogging, won't we?