June 24, 2009

The virtuous life

PS: This post is in good humour. I would rather that everyone lead happy and 'virtuous' lives.

Remember those college days? Or even in the University? When everyone was single and life's main concerns were if you were seeing a movie that night or going bowling with friends? Oh and of course all those night stays where you could dissect every little detail of some conversations with some special someone, bitch about the others and generally think you were in the best phase of life? Fast forward a few years later when you are married and have a trickle of single friends remaining... none of whom is doing anything remotely unconventional... if they're dating, they're hoping for marriage and if they're not, they're still hoping for marriage, all in good time. Doesn't it suck when everyone's leading virtuous lives? It leaves nothing to talk about.


rajni said...

LOL Love it!

Jaya said...

Thanks sweetie... :)

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