June 22, 2009

Stereotypically yours...

Stereotype: A conventional, formulaic, and oversimplified conception, opinion, or image; a person who is regarded as embodying or conforming to a set image or type.

Stereotypical: Banal, commonplace and clich├ęd because of overuse.
Courtesy: Wictionary.

After over an year of marriage, a few 100 male friends, I think I know enough to safely say that men don't analyze/think about something 10% as much as women do. Now, that's a classic example of stereotyping. But this post isn't about who/what we brand stereotypical for a whole variety of reasons. It's more to do with the kinds of stereotyping - some that we love to hate and some others that we accept graciously. Now, let's examine the old-fashioned domestic household scheme - man's the breadwinner, woman's the homemaker... both such important roles, yet the man's as the "breadwinner" has taken the pedestal on this one for eons. Of course we women hate this stereotype, which in this day n age make no sense whatsoever. We contribute to the household income too and yet, we are left with plenty to do at home as well. That said, the increasing contribution in domestic chores by the modern man stands truly appreciated. It's always, "I help her clean... I help her take care of the baby", blah, like it's a share of someone else's primary responsibility, you know what I mean.

On the other hand, some of the stereotypes that women continue to appreciate are how the men are expected to be the forward ones - whether it's in a romantic overture or in coming up with an investment plan. And these stereotypes like everything else has been nurtured in us from when we're very little. All the movies, the books and anything and everything we've had the opportunity to associate with will tell you the one common thing - the man proposes to the woman, for instance. No wonder then, even with the woman equaling the man stride for stride in this day, most women still want that sparkling fairytale romance where the man goes down on one knee. Weirdly, the men just don't get that. Associating the modern woman's strength of character and her individuality with a sort of breezy independence, most men seem to take it for granted to do away with all of the textbook romance. And no, that's not ok. No, women don't want flowers for everything... but that doesn't mean you don't give her flowers for anything. See what I mean? Another set of grey areas in the entire relationship game. Another one where the man spends a tonne of time figuring out exactly what the woman wants. And I don't blame them much... the women don't want some stereotypes, yet love to be a part of some others. Good luck, men.


boomingvoiceofgod said...

http://www.darkandpink.com/comics/20080325.gif :)

Jaya said...

Boomingvoiceofgod -> Thanks :D That was typical. Lol.

Radhika said...

That was a cute post Jaya. But also true. Definitely girls want these things secretly and they will not tell on the outside that they want it. But it makes their day if the boys unexpectedly shower these random gifts on them. Nice observation.

Gandalf said...

I think it's pretty simple. You tell someone if you want something and you don't tell them if you don't. Chicks kinda convolute everything into a mind game. And if we "read" it, there are no perks and if you don't there's a sure landslide. Need anything simple to be complicated beyond the realms of imagination of the men? Leave it to the girls.

On the other hand, entirely true. But once bitten, twice shy, right? the men learn.

Vipul said...

I totally agree with Gandalf on this one. Unnecessary complications in life! Be open, sound needy.. but get what you want in the end. Ok, needy wasn't the right word bfore u jump down on me, but u knw wht i mean.

Jaya said...

Radhika -> Thank you. I don't think the key is being secretive. It's more to do with being coy or not knowing that you don't want it. It's more that you don't need it than that you don't want it. Simple difference. Wonder why guys don't pick up on it. :D Thanks for the comment and keep visiting!

Gandalf-> Yet another chick-let comment from you! Man wonder how that gf of yours puts up with the attitude! :P But come on, mind games is what makes everything a little more fun. How boring would it be to ask for something and then get it rather than out of intuition? Women love the mystery factor (as if you didn't know that by now).

Vipul->Big surprise that you agree with Gandalf (being a guy.. lol). But yeah, needy was a bit strong.. but seeing as you didn't intend it exactly as it sounded makes it alright. :P Thanks for the comment and please keep visiting!

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