June 3, 2009

The perfect tomato soup

Ever made tomato soup and had that one tiny complaint about it? Texture? Flavor? Color? Thanks to Priya, I found the perfect, yes, perfect tomato soup recipe. And with this one, it’s hard to go wrong.
Look for the recipe here.
I did make a few changes, nothing too dramatic – I used 5 tomatoes, a whole garlic, a very large green chili, 2 small carrots, 1/2 a beetroot and 1 mid-sized white onion. For seasoning, the only extra thing I used was 1 tsp my new-found sweet Chinese chili sauce. The procedure is all exactly as she’s said it is. And the taste, the flavor, the smell and texture is totally divine.
Here’s why you should try this soup -
1. It’s healthier because of the extra veggies that go into it.
2. It’s perfect for a light lunch/dinner paired with salad or bread.
3. If you’re a tomato soup fan, believe me you want to brag about making this one :D.
Kudos to Tastypalettes.(Her pics are way better than mine… but I had to brag about making it :D)
Bon App├ętit!


Krithika said...

Slurp! But right on... the original recipe blog has fab pics. But then again you are not a food blogger (or so you claim). Thanks for pointing to the recipe though!

Krish said...

Yummeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Tomato soup is my absolute favorite!

Radhika said...

I completely second Krish! Super po!

Gandalf said...

I have a thing for reds. I totally get this soup! Yummmmmmmmmmm

Jaya said...

All of you guyz -> Thanks a bunch! Keep visiting :)

cozycat said...

"You want to brag about making this" - what better reason to blog, huh? ROTFL.

cozycat said...

ooh and it does look very tempting btw.

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