March 11, 2009

When my GMail crashed...

You never know how much you depend on something till you lose it. My GMail Inbox for example... I knew I was pretty addicted to being on GChat and so did so many of you considering the amount of time I am seen online... But I didn't know how much I needed it till today. This morning, for some reason I couldn't access my Inbox and it drove me crazy. It wasn't enough that I could log on to GTalk or Meebo. It was more that there were 9 unread messages and I was enraged that I couldn't access my mailbox. So much so that I had my password reset and sent to my secondary email ID (which had shut down by the way), reactivated that account, then received the password reset mail and then reset my password and still to my chagrin, could not get on GMail. And then, while I filled their lengthy account recovery form, miraculously I was able to log on to Orkut and Blogger (both of which had failed in the morning) and soon my own sweet Inbox.

If this is true of something as "trivial" as an email Inbox, it makes you wonder if you sometimes take the people in your life for granted, doesn't it? Sometimes it is entirely true that you don't value the people constantly in your life for their worth. Only when you stand to lose them does their true value surface and if you are smart, you can salvage it and if you're not, you lose them forever. It's just the way that people often are sweet and kind to perfect strangers whereas they choose to show their true temperamant to the ones they love the most and vice versa. I am not saying you needn't be kind to strangers... of course you should be. But what I am saying is that while being brusque with the loved ones is a luxury, it shouldn't settle into comfort for they are the ones that cherish you and last in your life.

Who knew a GMail Inbox issue could trigger such a thought process? I didn't. As always, I have read into the small things and come up with a life-size analogy. Forgive me.


Monsal Varga said...

It is good when you're able to see a bit further, go after what seems simple and extract more from it.

That's what you did :) and that's a quality some people have.

And everything came to a happy ending, that's what matters!

Tilahun Girma said...

Hi Jaya,
You are talented and articulate.I admire your writing skill.I have become your fan since I discovered your blog. please come and also visit my blog and comment on it. You may find something interesting.

Jaya said...

Monsal -> Thank you :) Yes, you are right.. as long as everything ends happily. Lol. thanks for the comment n keep visiting!

Tilahun -> Thank you so much. I will most certainly visit your blog and give you my opinion (unsolicited of course). Thanks for visiting! Please keep coming back! :)

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