March 31, 2009

Gay-ping signs

Today I spotted a guy wearing pink sneakers. Guess what the first thought was that snuck into my mind… “He’s gay??” And I was thoroughly irritated by that. I was being oddly judgmental. And why? Because from where I hail from, pink shoes/clothing on guys is alright… Guys could hug, put their arm over one another’s shoulders and just be best buds… And I’d spent what, three years in the US and I thought I could categorize people? And even when they were right in front of me, I couldn’t spot it (read this post). I think the first ‘sign’ that became synonymous with being gay (in India), was a guy wearing an earring on his right ear-lobe (George Michael). What a loser theory! Then came the pink clothing – shirts, shoes, you name it… but I think it’s an American theory. Because here in Europe, guys wear pink a lot of the time… the really thin ones wear skinny jeans too… the runners all over the city are in tights and none of that means anything. But here’s the whole catch… why does one need to know anything? What’s with the stereotyping… and the labeling? Who cares? What difference does it make to anyone personally? Nothing. Like many other things… I think this is a preoccupation for the curious, perhaps, gawking is a reason to differentiate.. to make out any obvious patterns. But you know what everyone needs to do? Live and let live.


Anonymous said...

hahaha.. its tough to distinguish !!

long back ..i had different opinion about women who put lot of lipstick !!!

Monsal Varga said...

I'm copy/pasting from my comment to your "Makeup to go" post:

"You are a very observing person :)

It's almost the same all over Europe. Maybe outside this continent people think we're all stiff and full of protocol, but in fact (and I'm a bit travelled too) here people are fairly free to be what they are." etc, etc, etc.

With your Indian background and American influence, I'm glad you are still able to find your truth. You end your post in a quite remarkable way.

As usual :)

Deepak said...

Well I am really not sure about the gay part, but a dude wearing pink shoes, sure has issues! :-) Good post!

Jaya said...

Karmanna -> Lipstick? Women? What!!

Monsal -> Thanks once again. Do keep coming back n leaving comments!

Deepak -> Hehehe, to each on ehis own. Thanks for the comment n keep visiting!

Krish said...

Yeah, all of us in the US are totally wary of picking anything pink to wear (even if we did buy it by mistake). Its one of those places where you'd rather abide by something that blends you in than stand out and be an object for speculation. You know what I m saying?

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