March 3, 2009

Screen to screen

You know how somethings just sound better face-to-face than by any other means? A letter or an email for example can often convey the wrong tone that leads to misunderstanding from reading between lines. An unintended sarcasm or pun might spring up at the wrong place totally muddling the object of the message. But we all know that. But have you also realized that saying somethings over chats/IMs are easier than face-to-face? Especially something negative or embarrassing is so much easier to peck away at the keys rather than say it face-to-face. Of course while you wait for the response from the other end, the wait can seem like eternity, but that's an entirely different thing.

Why is it that so many of us find it way easier to just "chat" the sensitively important stuff away rather than convey it in person, if possible or at least over the phone? Is it because the web eliminates that smidgeon of personal contact and thus makes it possible for us to send across messages more objectively? Or is it that it's easier that you don't see the other person's shock/surprise/hurt and regret it an instant later? Regardless, there have been plenty important things that have been communicated more through IMs than other means in the modern age. Maybe above all, it's because of the accessibility of this technological era. That you can "be online" wherever you are and people who want to can certainly keep in touch with you. And that helps you stay connected no matter the real distance and so it does increase the bonding and perhaps it's just as easier to spill the beans. Maybe in a lot of ways it's similar to blogging. Not all the topics written everywhere are something you can sit and talk with the same someone to. It's more like an exposition of what you want to say over a means that can find other net-surfing people to read it and the kindred souls to comment. It is easier to write a blog than to talk with a lot of people... see what I am saying?


Krish said...

Interesting observation as always. It is true that when the face is eliminated from the picture it is so much easier to say stuff. I think most ppl are like that. I totally relate to ur blog. Good one.

Gandalf said...

I agree with Krish here. Even after the fights with the gf I find it easier making up online n after that when we meet itz like nothing ever happened. Funny why we find it so much harder face2face.

Jaya said...

Krish n Gandalf -> Thanks for agreeing and commenting. Kindred souls, I see. Lol. Come back!

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