March 14, 2009

Starved for Sub..

Unbelievable, isn’t it? Especially for you US junta.. it must come as a shock that indeed S and I had a loud and insurmountable Subway craving and went all the way to Paris mid-morning to get a Sub each. And only when the familiar taste of the Southwest Chipotle trickled down my taste buds did the craving slowly get quenched. It must sound awfully funny to most of you people, especially when I was one of you guys who’d taken Subway for granted. With it being the most common source of food during the student days in UC, I barely thought I would go out hunting for it. Especially when back at UC, Subway was one of the more “expensive” alternatives or at least a wholesome meal. Here, it’s by far the cheapest that we can find. And, on that count at least there’s a few Subways strewn across Paris with more being planned to spring up. I sorely miss Chipotle on the other hand. Being a huge fan of Mexican food means that the Chipotle craving gets the better of me sometimes. And those are the days that I make my own Burrito Bol. Something’s better than nothing, right? The things one has to do to appease the taste buds. Slurp!


Aravind said...

very true..i hv a sub very close to my work....i feel guilty if i dont eat from there once a month atleast!

Jaya said...

Aravind -> Once a month is less!!! At the state I am in right now, I'll do it everyday :D

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