September 21, 2010

The Amazing Me

As usual when I have some time on my hands and specifically in front of my computer, I tend to declutter my GMail Inbox. I don't know about you but even when Google has the storage counter ticking to increase every second, I have never had less than 65% of my Inbox full. And it disturbs me every time I see it. I mean how can one have 8000+ meaningful emails? Surely there was a lot of junk sitting there, stuff I'd forgotten to delete... forwards that has expired and all that jazz. So I clicked on "Oldest" to start the deletion process. And apparently I'd gotten there before and so I'd only left behind what I had then thought were meaningful emails. And I was shocked as to how many people I was once in touch with. At least 20 out of my 67 classmates in Engineering, all of my batchmates in Batch 213 of CTS, school friends, NIIT friends and building friends. All this other than the new friends at Cincinnati. I'd actually found time to email all of these people regularly updating about my life and what not. And now... now I'm in touch with less than 10 people.. all circles combined. What happened to me? Life? Age? Sense? Work? All?


PrivateMartin said...

I can relate to it. During my school days in india i had to move after every 4-5 year due to dad's job. it used to be a sad moment as all my friends were left behind. for the initial 5-6 months of moving away i used to be in regular touch with them though good old hand written letters (very few people used to have computers then let alone internet).

and after that we slowly phased out to a state of no contact. Same thing happend again a year back when i joined orkut. i was able to find a lot of my friends the whole circle started again and now we are just sitting in each others friend list like a decorative piece and not even send a hello message to each other.

Why does that happen?????? i still dot know..

>>>>>>>>>>>PrivateMartin (Susheel)

Jaya said...

Susheel-> Thanks for the empathy. And yes, its so true, right? I think it boils down to this - the ones that you end up being in touch with are the ones who matter who ended up remaining in the filtered category no matter what. And that's what separates them from the rest of the many many people we happen to meet circumstantially.

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