September 20, 2010

Day 1

Of what? The rest of my life, of course! Ok ok... not everyone is that cliché about these things. In fact what I was referring to is that this is the first day I tried walking the 3.2 km from my house to the second-closest train station. The normally 8 minute bus ride took 28 minutes on foot. And I only saw 2 buses go by me. That apart I was able to benefit from the crisp early morning air and the freshness that the morning "exercise" lent. Heaven knows how long I am going to stick with it but I made a sudden resolve, all enticed by the morning freshness to try and do this everyday. My supposedly smart idea to sneak in some exercise through my day. Wish me luck!


Madhumathi said...

Hey Jaya..good way to make exercise part of your life... hope this is still on..

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