September 23, 2010

"Boil 'em in oil"

Maybe my brother might be able to jog my memory as to this one, considering his memory is way superior to mine. How many of you have seen this cartoon where there's a bird that urges its master to punish their offenders by "boiling them in oil"?  Any way, if you think i've lost it trying to remember absurd yesteryear cartoons, I assure you not. 

I was at another college in the suburbs of Paris to visit a colleague. And by now I am a master of feeling satisfied with the measly vegetarian fares offered at the cafetarias here. In fact I'd written a whole post about it when I first came here (read it here). However I was blown over to discover that in fact, my cafetaria at ESIEE has way superior food than elsewhere. The food I had yesterday consisted of listlessly boiled, unflavoured vegetables, oily fries, excessively sweet dessert and shrunken fruit. On the other hand at my school, the desserts are almost always excellent, the vegetable passable and the fries, delicious. All at a more subsidized rate too! Who knew one could boil vegetables differently? I do, now and I pledge never to complain about our canteen food hereafter. Seems like we've been given a good deal after all!


Ram said...

Indeed I had to whack my brain a bit.. but remembered!!! It was in Thundercats!!! Remember the episode with those pirates and an FBI style woman called Mandora? She had a cool flying scooter and flew with Liono to eradicate those pirates. Those pirates would have Mandora strapped and then the bird would cry "Boil em in oil" ;)


Ram said...

Here is video evidence ;)

Starts around 1:40 & then 2:20 & 4:42

Jaya said...

Bala->:D I knew I could count on you! That's fantastic and your memory reigns supreme! Thanks for that! Grinned all along. :D

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