September 28, 2010

Cold wave

What's up with this place anyway?! This year has been a disastrous summer... oh wait.. there was no summer. There were probably under 7 days in the entire past year that we've not had to wear some form of outer layer clothing. Be it a sweater, a cardigan or just a full-hand shirt.. something has had to cover us up over the past year for us to survive the temperatures here. This week is turning out to be the chilliest in a while. Everywhere I see, people have traded their sweaters for more weather-bearing full-fledged winter coats. The open-toed sandals are a thing of the past. Everyone's in shoes or at least in ballet flats. The temperatures have barely risen past 15°C even during the best part of the day... which entails further cover-up clothing as you leave for work or come back. And in apartments where the heaters are automated, it's the glory time for the personal heating fans. Or double blankets.

If this is any sign of the winter to come, I'm going to move. No, seriously. 

PS: Sun.. if you're watching/hearing and have any VMSS, please come out and look at us for prolonged periods of time.


calibergemini said...

summer's been bad here too! but this week, its out in full force! guess, it brought along some heat from Europe, to blaze here!

PrivateMartin said...

we also had a few good days of summer in uk and tried to make the most of it by going on walks, beach and theme parks.

but its rainy season now very boring... :-(

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