September 11, 2010

The justifiable hiatus?

First up my sincere apologies to all my readers for the perpetual vanishing act that I seemed to have mastered on this blog, what with the lack of updates. But at least for the last month I have a valid excuse. The whirlwind activity-packed trip to India of course! Of course there were a few sparse updates on MindBlogging that must've clued you in on that. But none further. However we just got back to Paris and I successfully snuck in an unwanted visitor back with me - Mr Flu!

With the flu having a hold on me it's been a disastrous 10-12 days of nose blowing, vapour inhalations, endless tablets, multivitamins, hot teas, samahans, kashayams, coughing, phlegm and all the gross components of the package. And the best part? There's no relief yet. I am indeed posting this blog smelling of a potent mix of Amrutanjan and Axe (potent to me but evidently not to the cold itself). BTW who knew that blowing your nose every few seconds could drain you of so much energy?

Be that as it may, there's so much to do back here in Paris! The PhD isn't going to finish itself, nor are the endless lines of abstracts, reports and experiments. Add to that cooking for yourself after a month's break of eating all the yummies in the world, it's like be transported back to mini-hell. On the other hand, it is Pillayar Chathurthi today! So lets ban all the negativities, look out to the brighter side of the grass, wish for good things and hope for the best for all!

Happy Birthday Ganesha!
IMG_2554aThe Ganesh pooja post-completion. 
IMG_2551a Ganesha up-close.


Sangeetha said...

Wow!!! That 'thavazhara' pillayar is very cute. :)

Madhumathi said...

Jaya : Get well soon...
BTW..just curious..ur Ganesha idol does not look like made of clay or do u do the "Visarjana"?

Jaya said...


Madhumathi-> Thanks for the good wishes. I won't do the Visarjan here in Paris. This Ganesha just goes back to the pooja. Back in India, we normally buy 2 Ganeshas... a decorative one for the keeps and a mud one for the Visarjan. Here I have no such luxury and have to make do the best I can with whats available. :).

Thanks for the comments and keep visiting!

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