September 19, 2010

Sunday brunch: Mini Idlis

I know what y’all are thinking. She’s got nothing to write… and so she just shares recipes (more like pictures) and keeps the blog ticking. Guilty as charged. However, these idlis were so delicious and yet so simple that it’s sinful if I don’t show-off. And so -

IMG_2573 Piping hot idlis, just off the cooker.

As for the “recipe”, it’s the usual, soak-grind-ferment drill. I soaked a 1:3 ratio (1 urad dal : 3 puzhungal arusi – the idli rice) overnight and together with generous amounts of vendhiyam  and ground it into a fine paste on my mixi the next morning and let it ferment the rest of the day. And it was super perfect. And if you’re wondering what has happened to the quality of my pictures, well, the SLR ran out of charge. And the lazy bum that I am, I haven’t gotten around to charging it. I will get there soon.

Coming back to the mini-idlis, the idli platter I bought this time was so good. Tiny yet deep producing perfectly fluffy-white malligai poo idlis. Bon Appetit!

mini_idli Hot idlis to be served. Serve hot with sambar/chutney/molagai podi or all!


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