September 18, 2010

Hello Saturday – Steaming dhoklas

To my own greatest surprise, ever since getting back from India, I haven’t been reluctant to cook. Rather the past week has been filled with a wide variety of cooking exploits… ranging from good old dosai to exotic palak paneer. From sundakkai vathakozhambu (which was awesome by the way – recipe to follow) to theplas. However when I woke up today, I had a distinct craving for dhoklas. Those yummy, fluffy Gujju delights that are so comforting. What better to do than to make them?


Dhoklas, uncut sitting in the baking dish.

I followed a variation of Priya’s recipe with whatever ingredients I had. I  didn’t have the Eno salt and so I skipped that part. However I did add a French-based levure (a basic baking risening agent) instead. The results were pretty good. Also I didn’t make it in the pressure cooker. Instead I baked it in the oven for 12 minutes at the highest setting. This worked out great too. Not only did they rise sufficiently, they were porous and fluffy as well. And taste was pretty great. As Priya said, it’s all about the tempering. :)

IMG_8528 Dhoklas.

Unfortunately I have no pictures with them cut and served. They smelled so good that no sooner did I cut them, they vanished into our tummies. So, bon weekend and bon appetit!


GreenGrl said...

Gujju Ben : Dholkla's in the oven ??

Jaya said...

Thakore-> Yes Gujju ben.. dhoklas in the oven. And they were awesome too! :D

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