September 15, 2010

The Chinese shotglass

Being the collector that I am, when my Chinese intern asked me if he could bring me back something from his hometown I had no hesitation in requesting a shot glass. After all, who knew when I would go to China? Though I make it a point to collect shot glasses from locations I have been to, I made an exception in this case. It couldn’t hurt to have one from China, just in case. I forgot all about it over vacation and was pleasantly reminded of it when X called one fine morning and asked if he could stop by and drop it off at my office.

He came in a few minutes later bearing a reasonably large package. I remembered that I had jokingly told him that if he couldn’t find shot glasses, he could just get me a Ming Dynasty tea cup. And when he handed the package to me, I was half-certain that it was a tea set of sorts with miniature cups and saucers. Imagine my surprise then when I opened the package and found this -

IMG_2566 Carved “cup” from China.

At first sight it was Alladin-esque and I half rubbed it expecting a genie to pop out. But I was truly touched. It was a big gesture and a memorable relic from China. Something I am sure I’ll cherish in my collection. Sure, it was the size of 6+ shot glasses arranged one on top of the other. But that didn’t take away from the fact that it was still a cup. So what if it was in copper and so what of it out-weighed the rest of the collection? Big thanks to X. :)

IMG_2572  Another view of the carved Chinese “cup”.


Shiva kumar Shankar said...

Major Kudos to him! Wonderful gesture! Wonder how he managed to bring it at all!

Jaya said...

Shiva->I know! Given the measly European baggage allowances, it's double kudos too! :D

Parasuraman said...

really great gesture and a wonderful thing that your friend got you long live friendship

Jaya said...

Appa-> Thanks! Yes, he's an intern I supervised last semester. And of course that means we became good friends too! Thanks for the comment n keep visiting!

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