September 20, 2010

The “happy” place

So I was on the RER today. Zoned out… aimlessly staring… watching the scenery go by.. Ipod on, you know. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a young French lad slide into one of the aisle seats across and in front of me. As the scenery shifted, so did my eyes. Soon though, they darted back to the guy and I noticed him staring at an old lady, seated alone in a corner. She was fiddling with her bags and an Iphone. She looked so old I highly doubted she knew to operate it. But then that’s just stereotyping and in all likelihood, I am wrong. Even as I kept looking at them, the young boy’s eyes darted away and then back to the woman in quick circulation. I was transfixed. What was it? Had she dropped something and he wanted to bring her attention to it? Did she say something and he missed it? Was he trying to rob her? I couldn’t figure it out. And frankly, if he could stare at her, I could stare at him, right? At the next station, she rose, bumbling around with her packages, her phone and her walking stick. He rose too. What was this? Was he going to make a run for it and really rob her? This was like a scene from some bad movie. My mouth was half open as I watched them. The second she crossed by him to head for the doors, he jumped over to where she had been sitting previously.

Apparently that’s all he wanted. Her seat. Me and my imagination. This is why you shouldn’t watch Naan Mahaan Alla at night.

Incidentally, this is the 100th post this year for MindBlogging!  It’s been slow but its still here  Three cheers! :)


Musing Gal said...

Congrats on the 100th post :) Nice one too!! I have been really bad at keeping up with my blogs lately :P

Shiva kumar Shankar said...

too bad, sorry to say the landmark post was kinda disappointment! Kinda like Vijay and his Sura :P

Jaya said...

So I get contrasting views from the two of you. LOL. Guess that's whats perception. Thanks anyhoo. And I didn't wait for something good to come along necessarily to make the landmark post. Speaking of which, Vijay should've waited. :P

calibergemini said...

Absolutely right about perception!!! And yea Vijay should have waited. But looks like he still hasn't learnt! next two movies- Kaavalan and Velayudham! Sheesshhh

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