December 1, 2008

Xmas Paruppu Usili

Well I made another of my favorite dishes today, the paruppu usili. But this time I had two red capsicum sitting beside one green one and so they all went into making the dish. And ofcourse, red n green is sort of the Christmas theme and hence the name. Of course, thanks to the lighting (yellow) and the paruppu (again yellow), the dish looks nothing as colorful as it does in front of my eyes. But here, take a look -

Well, the recipe is in the comments section of this post in case you are interested. And I am having it with my trademark dhideer rasam. Here's another mouth-watering shot of today's attempt. Enjoy!


tina said...

So so so yumm looking! Love yr pictures! Keep them coming! Muah..

Jaya said...

Tina -> Thank you! You shd probably try it n gimme a buzz too. Keep visiting!

krish said...

Mouthwatering it is... I am at work and salivating right now. Oh my!

Jaya said...

krish -> Thanks... Try it sometime (assuming u have the means to), it's pretty darn great!

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