December 19, 2008

Fall of J..

For those hoping that something rather dramatic had happened, sorry to disappoint... I mean in this post the literal falls that one encounters when riding bikes in pot-holed rain damaged roads. This time though daddy dearest was responsible. We weren't really hurt and it was rather comical at hindsight... But I have had my share of falls from bikes from the days that my bro used to take me doubles to the time that I tried to take my chittipatti to the post office in the days that I was just shy of 16 and not 'allowed' to ride a 2-wheeler yet. Indeed my most memorable fall was when my brother was taking me doubles on a Kinetic Honda. And not so surprisingly, the falls have taken place only the times I have sat with both legs on one side, i.e, sideways. On this occasion, more than 10 years ago, my brother was trying to navigate a rather sudden and huge pothole, more like a ditch on the road en route Kotturpuram. And he would've rather avoided the ditch than keep me on the bike apparently, for I slipped right out and landed in the middle of the road, my clothes ruined. It's one of those situations that's sad and funny at the same time especially when your brother takes a few seconds to realize that you're not on the pillion but on the road and keeps driving away. I remember wanting to laugh and cry at the same time. The other occasion when I dropped my chittipatti on the middle of the road on the way to the post office when I was about 16 truly scared the daylights out of me. It was my first time on the bike by myself on a decent distance. Not to mention the first time I was taking someone with me. With the turn of the road, the skid and my inexperience I deposited my chittipatti square in the middle of the road. Those days the roads weren't as crowded as they are today, thankfully. So someone behind us got off to help us up and thankfully we weren't really injured. But more recently in this trip I experienced one more fall. The fall sounds more serious than it really is and in fact my dad was taking the bike at a speed that was slower than if you were jogging along. Hence at the turn with the rain-ridden roads and the skid, we both found ourselves slowly and steadily losing balance and I remember every second of that fall. You know how when you sometimes fall all you can remember is that one instant you are on the floor? This wasn't one of those times. I remember the angle, the way we fell and every second of this one. It was funny for me.. but Appa hurt his ankle a bit in trying to balance the bike in the last second. Once more the good Samaritan prevailed and a couple of priests on a motorbike behind us stopped to help us a bit. Ask my parents and they'll tell you it's the dhrishti. Lol.


krish said...

Oops.. hope u guys r ok... but once time passes, one can laugh at almost anything. Lol indeed.

Gautam said...

It's funny how one can remember each and every detail of that 3 second fall. The one time I fell off a bike, I could vividly recall my trajectory and the images around me - until obviously I took the hit ;)

Jaya said...

Krish -> Thank you... But seriously isn't laughing abou oneself a gift?

Gautam -> Tell me about it.. I remember everthing ver ver clearly till the hit.. Even after I remember tugging at m purse coz I 'heard' it rip. I was right of course. Lol.

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