October 29, 2008

Dhideer Rasam

This post is dedicated to Priya. Get well soon.
Well I am sure most of us have come home some day feeling all tired and too bored to cook, or sometimes just too late to whip up anything interesting. Times like this though we probably end up binging on some junk there's always the hope that there was some comfort food. This one is mine. It's saved me a lot of trouble many a time and what's more its positively delicious and it's actually on the menu atleast 2-3 times a week among other dishes.

So for all those people who want a 10-minute yummy desi recipe or for those bachelors who wanna cook or just for a lazy evening here's my dhideer (instant) rasam recipe.
Hint - for the impatient, just read the blue-coded words for the order in which to add ingredients to get this done with!

1. A can of tomatoes (if you have fresh ones great... but the can saves time)
2. Butter - 1 dollop
3. One lemon or juice from 1 lemon
4. The usual rasam ingredients - rasam powder (3-4 tbsp), asfoetida ( a pinch), mustard seeds (1 tsp) and salt to taste
5. The extras (if you want) - a few curry leaves and a sprig of coriander for garnish, ginger if you prefer.
How to make it
1. Take a saucepan and melt your dollop of butter (you can use oil but the taste and flavour from the butter are totally worth whatever calories that it may add!)
2. Allow the mustard seeds to crackle and add the curry leaves, ginger and asfoetida and fry for about 30 seconds.
3. Dump the can of tomatoes into this crackling mixture and add salt to the tomatoes for all their water to seep out while cooking.
4. As the tomatoes boil, add water equivalent to the can of tomatoes to them.
5. When you see the whole thing froth from all the boiling (in about 2-3 min), add rasam powder to it. Let it boil for about a minute and turn it off.
6. Now add the lemon juice to it and stir it in and finally garnish with coriander and voila... you are done!
Serve with steamed rice or have it just as a soup. It's quick, light, flavourful and tasty. Try it out and let me know how you feel about it.

1. You can always add cooked toor dal just before adding the rasam powder to give it more volume. Take care not to add too much or it'll end up tasting like sambar.
2. You can also add garlic at the stage you add ginger for a different kind of flavour. As it is a strong ingredient, avoid adding too much of it.


krish said...

It looks delicious. I am surely trying it out tonight. It'll save me a lot of time and thought to cook. WIll let you know how it turned out. Thanks for the recipe!

Jaya said...

Thank you Krish. Yup, give it a shot and lemme know how it turns out to be!

Anonymous said...

This was our dinner last nite. Thanks for the recipe. it turned out gre8. My roommates were very impressed.

Abhishek Narkar

Jaya said...

Abhishek -> You are welcome n keep visiting!

Priya said...

danke vous!

Jaya said...

Priya->German + French = Gerench. Hope u r feeling better :D

GreenGrl said...

..I see you have mastered the art of Non Watery Tomatoes !! :) Remember...

Jaya said...

Greengrl -> What are you talking about? Rasam has always been my speciality! :P

krish said...

Tried it - was great.. U rock!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting recipe for a hard day. If u have more of these up your sleeve, please do release them. Especially for us working moms outide india it is very useful. Thank u for the wunderful blog (i enjoy your other posts also)


Jaya said...

Krish -> Thanks for reporting back! And you're welcome!

Akshaya -> Thanks! Please keep visiting an if more recipes strike the mind I'll certainly post!

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