December 12, 2008

The NRI syndrome

I have always thought of people who complained of India's waters/climate or anything else in comparison to their long-term stay outside the country as spoilt. And sure enough, here I am, doing much the same, complaining of changing waters (drinking and otherwise) and pollution for the scratchiness in my throat and overall the changed environment as a cause for the flu-ish symptoms that I am carrying right now. Most specifically, I think the throat-ache/stuck voice and body pain are pretty common across many people who suddenly transcend into the country and have a quick first few days before the body can gradually adjust to the changed surroundings (or overcome the 'jet-lag'). I had a tumultous first week here, what with my SIL's wedding, we had changing venues every night of our sleep for the first 5 (of which I barely managed to steal a few winks on the first 3 nights). Add to that the overexcitement of the wedding preparations and the early mornings and the million rituals, it was cacophony at best and protest after protest, my throat gave out as did my body and since, I have been recuperating in pristine Kanchipuram at my husband's house. The body gets what it wants and mine has gotten it's share of rest.

PS: Amidst everything, I still managed to grab a few bites of chaat (bhel/pani puri) and gobi manchurian. So what if the body gets what it wants, so does the mind. ;)


krish said...

Hope u r feeling better now. I think the sudden India change is pretty well captured here and all of us suffer these symptoms as soon as we land. I donno abt u, but bcoz of yr hiatus, my morning office schedule has been thrown into frenzy.. keep blogging! And get well soon.

Jaya said...

Krish -> Thank you. Yes, I am feeling loads better now. And hehe, I will try to be more regular as the holidays progress. Keep visiting!

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