December 13, 2008

Happy Karthikai

Karthikai is a second festival of lights type thing celebrated in South India. Without going into too much detail, I can just say that is is common to light lamps through the entire month of Karthikai (in Tamil) which is usually from mid-Nov to mid-Dec of the English calendar, culminating on the full-moon day of the month. And then as with all festivals, there's a whole lot of goodies and decorations, prayers and even crackers left-over from Diwali usually. You can read all about it here - This was my thalai-Karthikai and hence a bigger deal than usual. As the new daughter-in-law, I had to bring in the light into the home by lighting many a lamp and praying for the health and happiness of all. I donned a sari and all and lit all sorts of lamps and burst a cracker or two. Here's one of our clicks from many showing the lamps all set to be set down to light various places around the house in tasteful decoration. Happy Karthikai!


slv said...

Here begins the India experience.. nice pic to start fof with though i m guessing u dont have yr usual foro editing s/w. Keep it coming.

Jaya said...

SLV-> Thank you.. and very perceptive of you to notice that the picture didn't have its typical edit. I do have more to write on India and will try to keep the blog as updated as is possible. Please keep visiting!

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