December 10, 2008

The one week hiatus

Well, I've been in India for like 4 days now and this is amongst the first couple of times that I've zoned in on the computer... feels like reconnecting with a lost arm.. Anyhoo, with the number of social commitments that have been planned for me, it doesn't look like I'll be blogging much over the next few days as well! So here I am just to tell my loyal readers and new ones that I will have plenty of India stories planned for y'all pretty soo. In fact off the top of my head I already have a bunch of things that are waiting to be told. So please gimme some time. For the newer folks here, there's plenty to read... Choose from the overflowing entries on the right-side bar. And do keep checking for updates... Cheers!


Sachin said...

In the mean time, you all readers can check out my blog, till Jaya resumes her blogging. Its

Ttu sometime soon Jayalakskimi. I hope u don't delete this comment.

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