December 2, 2008

Harry Potter again..

Well, it looks like I can be 72 and still be mesmerized by the series. I had seen the teaser trailer for the Half-Blood-Prince eons ago and had completely forgotten about it. Having had a lull at work, I was randomly surfing, when I found the full-length trailer. And as always, straight from the trailer I can tell that they have mixed up the facts to make the tapestry of the movie flow easy. But also, I was hooked and am eager to watch it. But then I got all bugged that the movie was supposed to release in November but thanks to wanting more money to be churned, they pushed it to a mid-summer July 17 release. I tell you, by the time the 2 parts of the last book are made into movies (which they are being filmed currently, I believe), those kids are not going to look 18 at all... and I will probably have kids to whom I read Harry Potter to. Anyhow, here's the trailer of the movie releasing in July -



PrivateMartin said...

Hi Jaya

how you doing? apparently i also love harry potter and i am currently reading the last book.

Initially i did not not like harry potter, my nephews and niece wanted me to see the film but i was not interested. however after lots of persuation i finally watched the first 2 films and had a cjange of mind.

Suddenly i started to love harry potter so idecided to read all the books and i was quite hooked up to it.

ANyways i am also eagerly awaiting its new movie.

and ya talking about kids, i had a little baby girl last friday. you can see her pics on my blog.

Priya said...

Did you read about JKR's new book ?

Jaya said...

PrivateMartin -> Congratulations once more!

Priya -> Yep, "Tales of Beedlethe Bard". WHat was supposed to be an exclusive 7-book handwritten thing has once more been commercialized. But it's an out n out children's book, not even the way HP initially was. This has those "moral" type stories including the 3 wise men thing. So I don't think I am interested. Maybe just for a collector's edition.. hmm.

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