December 3, 2008

Copiously corrupt

I was following the Mumbai attacks along with the rest of the world of course. And one of the matters that would've struck anyone as bizarre was how the police officers died in spite of wearing bullet proof vests. This is why - the vests were defective. They had failed when clad on dummies and shot as with mere pistols. Not rifles. Not men. Dummies! And yet, instead of being recalled and ensuring that the police force had the best that there was to offer, they were distributed to everyone including the highest ranking officers. Thanks to which 14 policemen/NSG personnel lost their lives, including ATS chief, Hemant Karkare. NDTV is carrying the news -

Someone somewhere screwed us over. And it's still happening, in every facet in everything in the country. We need change. And fast.

Oh yeah, did you know India made No. 17 on the most dangerous countries to visit. :X -


krish said...

Shocking really... to think that they'd compromise national security fo rmoeny is unthinkable. We really need a change. Something like RDB and all young and spirited ppl have to form India's political fabric. With all these oldies sticking around nothing's going to change much. very irritating.

PrivateMartin said...

Hi Jaya

Truly it is very shocking news. but that is not a new story. Our government has always ignored this matter. Look at the dress of an American or british soldier (all of them have have cavlar helmet and bullet proof vest etc.) in iraq and compare them to our soldiers who were fighting in kargil. we have less protective gear for our soldiers.

i have even seen news photage where indian policeman were wearing Bike and even cricket Helmets while working against the rioters. unbeliveable!!!

god knows when we will come to the standards of america.

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