January 18, 2009

Virtual reality

This post is dedicated to my secure friends network.

Know how you can be completely in touch with people in this day and age of technological advancement? "The world has shrunk", says the now-popular adage. Do you know of this other feeling then? Of chatting with someone almost every single day... or catching up on gossip on telephone.. but still merely wishing wistfully that they lived a few blocks away so you could just drop in for chai and live gossip? I do. And I envy my husband for this. Not that his friend's circle is intact. But there sure is a bunch around on whom he can drop in on at any given point of time (touch wood for that). I don't have that here. And sure there are busy days when it never strikes me. But there are also lazy Sundays when I could just give all I could for someone to actually develop teleporting. Ah that would be bliss! I have a tonne of friends elsewhere though... which is perhaps the reason that one can almost permanently see me signed on to GTalk. That's just 'coz that's what I am left with right now.. to keep in touch with everyone through these virtual means. And not being a TV person or someone who can browse endlessly on the laptop leaves me with the one other option - books (when you don't want to go skipping out due to inclement weather). But fading light has a way of making book reading unappealing to me (yeah, all vague n weird reasons). Besides I have always enjoyed books most when I am uninterrupted, i.e, I don't have to cook-clean-laundry or any of the Sunday-wifely chores that one tends to have i.e, when I was back home in India and could become the 'virtual deaf person' who had no eyes or ears for anything other than the page turning. And after all these experiences, I am now sure that Virtual Reality is a misnomer. Nothing virtual can be real. It's never the same. It's a great substitute though. Which is why some of my online conversations are the most treasured (and yes, it's easier saying something to someone across the computer rather than face to face, especially something sensitive). :D. So I guess the message in this post is two-part, one, a thank you to my husband's friends (and the husband himself, of course), who have whole-heartedly adopted me into their scheme of things and two, to all my terrible close friends out there, that no matter what, you guys can't be replaced. And those of you who have your gang around, appreciate that and cherish the times together!


Sachin said...

Sure Jaya, your being online is truly a virtual company for me here in office. I wait for this after-lunch session, so that we can chat and be in company for atleast 4 hrs. and hate it when u have cleanrooms. I have always feared your "Out of sight, out of mind" theory, but not now, since I know its not for me :D. Still, I sometimes wonder, is this it? Is this the way we are going to spend the rest of our lives...in different continents? No, we should slowly but surely work out a plan which will reduce this virtuality, until we learn teleporting ;).

Jaya said...

Sachin -> Of course my precious friends do not belong to the OOS-OOM theory :). But yes, it wud be absolute bliss to have the UC type geographical scenario or even San Diego. Me too... I wonder abt if we will really only remain the virtual friends. Is there going to be a point in time when we will all actually live in the same neighbourhood? Seems unlilier by the day... I guess that's what makes the UC memories very special.

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