January 13, 2009

The good jitters

Sometimes being nervous can be a good sign.. And it's almost always the case with me when there's going to be something that matters a bit to me. Many of you may have experienced the feeling too. That tingle just as you are going to take your seat before an exam, the slight breathlessness as you are introduced for a talk that you are going to be giving, the barely noticeable oxygen debt in your brain as you are called in for the interview. I've termed this the good jitters. They bode good. And usually this is a sign when you are usually well prepared and fate just has to take a normal course for you to reap it's benefits... unlike when Murphy steps in and disaster reigns. And most things end on a good note. And always have. Touch wood. I like them, the good jitters.


krish said...

What was it today?

Jaya said...

Krish->Long time no see! Nothing major... just a li'l something :) Keep coming back!

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