January 28, 2009

The joy of eating

How many of you really eat? Like chew, savor and then swallow? And then, how many of you just swallow? I belong to the latter category unfortunately... Often I find myself short of time and with about 10 minutes to have lunch and so I gulp it down... of course that means that a lot of times, I eat the incorrect quantity of food. Today for a change, I had some time on my hands. And I decided that I would NOT gulp my lunch and wash it down with water, rather I would eat slowly. Sort of like Remy, the rat in Ratatouille, savoring the flavours and chewing each mouthful and relishing the combination of spices in my food. And it was utterly unique and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This was how foodies functioned, perhaps. It lasted 30 minutes, more or less, my lunch break. And it was definitely worth my while. It's one of those things that it's worth waiting and relishing (not when it's the boring canteen food with minimal veggie choices, but otherwise). And I've decided to set aside some exclusive time for lunch though it's at my desk. You needn't live to eat.. but you sure can spare time to eat, right? That's the healthy way.


sivakumar said...

Of course, I knew that. U always had a secret desire for chicken and the one you ate this afternoon must have been very good. Bravo Jaya.. Devenons non-végétariens.

Anonymous said...

been trying to adopt slow motion eating habit.. tougher than having 'karaella' curry...;)

Jaya said...

Siva -> Onoda buddhiya kaamichutey. Hmph.

Karmanna -> Yeah, it's good for health. We might as well practice it.

Aravind said...

good to know i have company!......everyone who have eaten with me more than once have commented on me gobbling down!
infact, Dr. Pattanaik had bet with me if I cud eat slower than him!

Jaya said...

Aravind -> Everyone does it at some point or the other.. Let's all make a pledge to eat slower. :)

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