January 6, 2009

Cold feet

I wish it were for the poetic reason, in that I was scared about some major event in life. Unfortunately this time, it's literal. My feet feel frozen within the sneakers, within the woolen socks... Damn this office building!


Sangeetha said...

lol....I thought you really had a situation in life that caused the "cold feet"...funny indeed

Shiva kumar Shankar said...

u know u gotta mention this to your prof and then take it up with the facilities. Ppl just cant be expected to work in situations like this, unless you can get a nice project in the Arctic, this time of the yr!!

Jaya said...

Sang, Shiva -> At this point, it's so cold that I plan to invest in a personal heater for myself.. If pneumonia gets me, there's everyone to blame. But I can't take that risk.

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