January 12, 2009

AR Rahman does us proud again!!!

Yeaaaaaaaay!! ARR won the Golden Globe for 'Best original soundtrack in a Motion picture' for Slumdog Millionaire! Yoo hoo! And bcoz this is a sort of dress rehearsal for the Oscars, I am sure he'll win India the Academy Award at last! Bless you Rahman! Here's the youtube video of him winning -
Not just that, the India based movie, Slumdog Millionaire which rocked millions (review to appear on MindBlogging soon) won the Best Motion picture Award and Danny Boyle bagged the Best Director.

And on the others, Kate Winslet finally broke her jinx of being nominated 5-6 times and never having won. This time, she bagged it twice, Best Actress for 'Revolutionary Road' and Best Supporting Actress for 'The Reader' (this nomination was a bit of a cheat... but it really proved how bad the organizers wanted her to win.) and she did, both times! So, if this is any indication of the Oscars, Kate is about to break all the jinxes... Here's a complete list of winners - http://tv.msn.com/golden-globes/winners-list/?GT1=28013

Awaiting the Oscars!


Siva said...

Bravo for ARR, Danny, Dev, Simon, Anil and the amazing Mademoiselle Pinto.

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