March 18, 2010

True Lies

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes”- Mark Twain

Liar liar pants on fire...if only it were that easy... like you mumbled that and the person's pants really would be on fire, something like a Harry Potter spell... problem solved. When we are little, we are taught the most simplistic definition of a lie - something which is not the truth. Ergo, when we were young, if we stated something not exactly as it was, it was a lie. This was very crude and just as easy to fathom. As we grew up, more coordinates got thrown into the picture. We could now not just mis-state the truth, we could replace it with a whole different scenario/event. We could simply choose to defer a truth... and here's where things get dicey. Is a deferred truth a lie? Who decides when something has to be disclosed to someone? And God knows there is a world of difference between technicality and the morality of the issue. And then come the reasons... ranging from absolute frivolity to absolute necessity, with the thinnest of lines dividing them. I have even seen cases of chronic lying.. where they can't even help it.

 Being highly truthful myself, I find it utterly ridiculous when some others want to lie for something silly in the first place, unless it is to spare someone's feelings or something similar. The other thing I hate about lying is the number of details you have to remember. You see, for the truth, all you need to remember is what really happened and our memories are fabulous at that. But for the false, not only does your memory store away what really happened, in addition you have to add the new version which almost always is a burden to recollect later. Oh and add to that, the situations which escalate by the second... one lie piled upon the other till you are seriously piled high n deep in a truckload of them. Seriously, why bother? Almost always, the goal is to avoid unpleasant confrontations... or to hope that the gravity of the deed mellows down in comparison to something else or over time... plain fear or sheer laziness, none of them too credible in the end.

Having been the one to discover many foiled lie attempts over the years, my reaction has varied from utterly amused to utterly pissed off given the gravity of each situation. Sometimes though you just have to accept that some truths are indeed, stranger than fiction.


Musing Gal said...

Truth has always been interpreted as per people's will :) But I like what the great poet Valluvar said about it. Even a lie can be deemed as truth when it is said for the betterment/benefit of someone else.

Jaya said...

Musing Gal-> True! Something along the lines of "aayiram poi solliyavadhu oru kalyanatha nadathalaam" - but I absolutely do not agree with that. nevertheless, point well taken! Thanks for the comment and keep visiting!

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