March 20, 2010

Terms of endearment

What do you do when someone calls you a term of endearment that you're not comfortable with or you think is inappropriate to your 'relationship'? Do you just call it... ignore it or let it happen a few times more before potentially over-reacting?

Interesting thought isn't it? Do write back with your invaluable comments.


Madhumathi said...

for me it depends on the sex of the person.. i would probably ignore it from a woman..but not so with a man....

Jaya said...

Madhumathi -> Ah so this is the culprit.. this post and you took offense immediately. :O. As for the comment, well yes, the opposite gender seems likely to invoke either reaction, either that of wishfulness or distastefulness, both of which aren't necessarily good. Thanks again for commenting :)

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