March 22, 2010

The lost love affair...

We all have that one special one... something that made us feel special at first and then just got more and more comfortable as time wore on. Something almost perfect. And after as long as it has taken, even though you're not willing to let go, you have to face the fact that the other side has. It's over. I am talking about that love affair with that one favourite pair of jeans of course! :D

Everyone I know of has a favourite pair.. unfortunately though denim as a material can almost last forever, it can't guarantee the non-appearance of some random rips and tears which we obviously carried off in the name of fashion when it was simply holes at the knees or some... but once those rips started appearing, er.. someplace else, it wasn't so much a fashion statement anymore as it was worn out. How many of us have tried to have them fixed or save them somehow? Or at least worn them around the house where "no one" was going to see us anyways? Till finally one day you realize that no matter what you do to try to salvage it... it's time to let go and usher in the new pair. For everyone who has had a random nail end their love story, I have many pairs I have sacrificed to electroplating. Indeed it was almost like a curse I had to break free from. However careful I was,  whatever chemical resistance gown I donned, at least one misguided drop of copper sulfate would stain my jeans at the worst possible place, which when in contact with water would form sulphuric acid, which would then create a sizable hole in it's place. And that marked the birth of the new pair (of course once I figured nothing was salvaging this one). And the old begets the new. A typical life cycle.


Musing Gal said...

Me too... I still have that one pair which I love wearing to every place, very comfortable in it!

Jaya said...

Ah for the love of jeans :D

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