March 2, 2010

The Internet addiction

I read this article on msn about signs that you suffer from Internet addiciton. And  in case you noticed, it asked us to step away from the computer once we were done reading, but instead, here I am blogging about it. Well, what did you expect? Of course I am addicted! And just so you know, so are about 90% of all of you in the age group < 35. I mean honestly, we are so connected these days that sometimes a mere Internet slowdown at work or GMail maintenance shutdown renders us completely restless for a while unless we are obviously occupied elsewhere. As for me, when I am traveling to or from work, or if I am out someplace with friends, etc., I am not bothered too much about being "connected". But come the era of the smartphones and with everyone carrying an Iphone or something just as fancy, there's no need to be out of touch even then. And of course it begs the question - aren't we too exposed? Every second of every day, someone somewhere can keep in touch with you by not actually "reaching" you. By not even taking the effort to make a phone call. Simply by checking tweets or buzzes or FB status updates. It's that simple. We're to blame for that. No one really cares what we had for lunch or where, which movie sucked or rocked. And yet we make it our business to express our unsolicited opinions on anything and everything and worse, expose personal details on the worldwide web which transcends all boundaries only to reach the million people you know of and the other billion you don't. Thankfully I try not to do that. You maybe wondering what the heck I am talking about considering I maintain a regular personal blog which you are currently reading. However, there's a fine line between telling too much and just talking about everyday occurrences in most people's lives... something I try hard to tread. (Agree or disagree?)

But all this revelation once more begs the question as to why I have never been me out of touch with some of my priced friends. And yes, I blame them of course. With all that possibility it is obviously their fault to try that hard to stay out of touch. And anyone who knows me the slightest will agree that it's as easy to reach me as it is to reach the nearest Internet-enabled computer. 

But having recognized my own addiction at this stage and for a while now, I have decided to give myself some "unplugged" time. And that means I get to figure out when it'll be convenient for me to remain so. :D. Happy browsing or happy unplugged time, as you may deem necessary!


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