March 11, 2010

More to the chicken n egg conundrum

Here's a chicken and egg question when it comes to a lot of people, not even the hypochondriacs necessarily. Which came first - the illness or the symptoms? For those who are wondering what the heck I am talking about, consider this scenario – You’ve always been wary of catching the flu. It makes you indisposed days at a time... and who the hell can sleep well with a clogged nose anyway? And recently your cube-mate caught a mild form of flu and has been sneezing away, further fueling your misgivings. Suddenly your throat starts to feel scratchy, nose runny and eyes watery. Are these for real?  Or did are your fears of catching the flu acting out? The brain being as influential as anything can be has the effect on your body to manifest symptoms which otherwise wouldn’t exist. But wait a second… you didn’t really think that this blog was about health or any of those things, did you? But of course a highly imagination-based extrapolation of the situation is just waiting to happen. 

It’s about how we subconsciously mirror someone’s feelings towards us whether we intend for it to happen, or not. For example, you can’t help but be sweet to that cheery colleague who seems to get up on the right side of the bed everyday. Or keep it concise, short and not necessarily sweet with someone who’s been a bit of a sorehead anyways. Body language is one of the least-credited aspects that influence our behaviour with others. But as subtle as it may seem, it has the most impact on our daily selves and resultant interactions. And more often than not that means our mouths don't match our eyes, our demeanor doesn't match our words and ultimately translate to a sure shot "message received" signal from the opposite end. As if we didn't have enough things to portray upfront. As much as everyone loves to be themselves, a teeny part ends of them up being someone else. Call it diplomacy or the good old plain truth.


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