March 24, 2010

The how to and Youtube

In the recent past, ever thought of "how to                                " and ended that thought with youtubing it? Now fill in the blank with just about anything... Here are some examples -

1. How to make palak paneer
2. How to start swimming
3. How to punch properly
4. How to exercise more effectively
5. How to sew buttons
If you haven't, you are one of the lucky few who's still using some imagination to try out things the way people used to in the past. By actually trying. Come the era of youtube, everything is revolutionized into the one thought - if you can see it done, why shouldn't you? Fair enough.... especially with recipes and stuff.. where mere words on a book (even with accompanying photographs) can't compete with the experience of watching it done right. Take S for example. Everytime he tries a new recipe, it's youtube version plays on the laptop at least 3 times. Once when he is checking if it is easy or exciting enough... second time as he gets his ingredients ready and third and last which plays with pauses as he follows it step by step (even carrying the laptop into the kitchen at times when the recipe is a bit complicated). Pretty handy, huh? And for someone like me who improvises on the go, I find it smart but very amusing too. 

Like I mentioned though, recipes... sure.. why not? But some of the other things are ridiculous. And though I call them ridiculous, I can't find a singular fault in people seeing how someone else does something first before trying it themselves, except maybe lack of imagination. And that's not a fault. And it's just the luxury afforded to us by the modern world and something we should definitely take advantage of when we can. What's most amazing of all I guess is that there are actual people like you and me who upload videos of themselves, sometimes filming the most mundane activities of life, like sleeping. And I don't know what's worse - them uploading or us watching. Do you know how many videos are there out there to "learn" to walk? Go figure.


Musing Gal said...

Yes, I remember the first time we went camping, before we started the day before I checked You Tube on How to Put up a tent :) It came handy though! I have tried a couple of other How tos too :)

Jaya said...

Musing Gal-> Exactly my point :D. Thanks for visiting n commenting!

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