April 30, 2009

The first one

Ah I bet almost everyone has this sentiment about new things. About what we all call the new “baby” of the house/life/call it what you like (until of course there is a real baby). That first new car (or old but your first one nevertheless), the new cell phone, your first laptop, the brand-new plasma TV (ok you get the idea). They are each very precious to us and terribly close to our hearts. We take dear care of them particularly when they are new and unscathed. But fate has it’s way (or you’re a klutz… or they’re related) or maybe it’s someone else’s fault… but there’s always that dreaded first scratch (or it’s equivalent) sooner than later – there are those few moments when you first catch sight of it and your heart skips a few beats and as you leap closer to take a proper look – is that really a scratch? And then that sinking feeling when you realize that it is and even then find yourself wiping it over and over again, just hoping it’ll go away. Or that huge sigh of relief washing over you if you’re one of the lucky few for whom it was just a fleck of dust or something else. But of course that first scratch is just waiting to inflict itself in the most mysterious of ways on the most precious of things. And after that? It’s not that the value of the thing goes down… but you learn to treat as it was meant to be – as a gadget.. not something with feelings… not something alive. Sometimes people just consider it dhrishti (for the uninitiated it's like a blackmark that will henceforth ward off the 'evil eye'). My brand new lappie had his first one today… And I had fleeting thoughts of getting him exchanged. But for such a stupid reason? No way.. he came with my name written in bold letters on his box and was custom-made for me. He’s all mine. (With the gender attached to him, you can see that he’s not transcended into the gadget realm just yet). And not for a while, I would imagine.

Amused about me and my laptop legacy? There's more here.


The Muse ... said...

Either that or the endless time and money we spend buying cases for our beloved Gizmos.


Ram uncle said...

Excellent descriptions and genuine feelings. That is how I feel about my belongings. Thinking of exchanging just because of a small scratch, yes.What happens if the same happens to the exchanged one? Or what happens when we have scar on our body after a small accident? Enjoyable blog.

Jaya said...

Ram uncle -> Thanks a bunch! Yeah exactly.. no point exchanging while the inevitable will happen anyways.

GreenGrl said...

Please revive my memory here :
What was the funky (and long) name you gave to your first one ?

Jaya said...

GreenGrl -> It was "My darling Notebook" :D

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