April 16, 2009

Key moment

So it was a typical weekday morning. S and I had boarded a bus near home to go to the railway station to get going to our respective places of work. I'd locked the door as always and shoved the keys in my left sweatshirt pocket. We were chattering away about something and soon were at the station and descended. I dug my hands into my pockets as I normally do and suddenly felt a very noticeable emptiness. Where were the keys? In that split-second of realization I panicked. I dug into my pockets frantically once more to make sure and then spun around just in time to see the bus pulling away from the bus stop and leaving. Another split-second of imagination saw me chase down the bus and find my keys below the seat I was sitting in. But that would be plan B and before putting that into action, I vaguely remembered something and dug into the top pocket of my backpack. And there I saw the fluorescent hue of my 'I love India' key-chain. Whoosh... I was flooded with relief. How many times have we played out an entire scene in our minds in the few milliseconds between panic and realization, or between declaration and revelation? One-too-many, I bet.


The Muse ... said...

It happens. And the sinking feeling for that split second is way bad when it involves a precious memory - some precious trinket or something that's part of your daily life like an iPod or phone.

Jaya said...

The Muse -> My exact feeling too. Once I did think I'd lost my iphone and I think I was numb with shock for the few seconds before which I found it. And I think that feeling of relief that washes over you is fabulous as well. And once that relief has sunk in is when you feel contented.

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