April 30, 2009


Alright, this one is not for you virtuous folk out there. This is for someone like me (I bet there will be many people nodding along as you read on) - someone who would rather avoid the confrontation than face the discomfort. So I spotted someone I'd rather not have (lets call them "X"), walking a few feet ahead of me and instead of catching up and exchanging casual (un)pleasantries, I did the first thing that came to my mind and lingered. I let my steps drag to try and increase the distance between me and X but I discovered that X happens to walk uncharacteristically slow and was apparently headed to the same destination as me. Which made me seem pretty stupid (I could see my reflection along the glass-paned buildings). I was sort of walking in slow-motion and anyone who's seen me walk can vouch that I am a fast walker. And so I felt foolish. As I crept along, another strange thought struck me. What if X caught my reflection on the glass alongside and wondered why I was snailing along? I dismissed the possibility as highly unlikely. But on the other hand, I might've appeared as a strange stalker as well.. walking a safe distance behind the target. Come to think of it now, I should've probably crossed the street and walked far ahead with my pace than drawl behind. Or better yet, I could've walked on ahead, caught up, thrown a fancy "hi there" and made a I'd-love-to-chat-but-I'm-in-a-terrible-hurry scene and gotten with it. As always, hindsight is 20/20.


Manj said...

haha !!!!..I do these things too..btw..aren't you a Scorpio too...Luv ur blog ...no matter whtever post it is ..brings some fond/stupid memories with a smile on the face...keep rocking gal !

Ram said...

Ha Ha.. you know quite well that I'd do the same.. only instead of stalking this X all the way to the building, I'd sit down on a nearby bench or fake a phone call and turn the other way ;)

Footloose said...

Lol J, that was very amusing:) And well described. I don't know what I'd do in the same situation. I think the breezy 'hey how have you been!' would work best for me:)

Jaya said...

Manj -> :D. Thanks so much.. Of course we match bcoz we're both Scorps! Keep visiting!!

Bala -> Fake phone call would've been option too.. But I forgot to take my cell-phone today. And I didn't want to risk looking more stupid cupping an empty hand over my ear. Lol!

Nitya-> Hehe, thanks. Yeha, in retrospect, I shd've done the overtaking and gotten away with it as well. Like i've said, hindsight is 20/20.

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